#51 — April 11, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

Remember MongoDB Weekly? We're back!

This is the same newsletter, except we're now called MongoDB Memo. We'll be coming to you every two weeks, as every week seemed a little too intensive. But no fear, each issue will be packed with the same high quality links, news, tutorials, and events as before. 🙂

— Your editors, Peter Cooper and Chris Brandrick

Gopher character by Maria Letta

The Official MongoDB Driver for Go(lang) is Now Ready For Production — Way back in issue 1 of this newsletter (January 2018), we linked to a story about why MongoDB was building its own official Go driver when a community built driver already existed. That driver now exists and is at its 1.0 release.


JSON Schema Validation - Locking Down Your Model The Smart Way — A look at how to validate your document model with a JSON Schema, something MongoDB has supported natively since MongoDB 3.6.

Ken W. Alger

MongoDB Named a Leader in Forrester's Latest NoSQL Report — MongoDB has been recognized as a NoSQL market leader by research firm Forrester in its Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019 Report with the strongest “current offering”.


How Oakbrook Finance Runs Its Loans Service on Microservices and MongoDB Atlas — A MongoDB case study with a British finance company who lean heavily on Atlas as part of ‘automating away’ their IT operations.

Alexandra Loh

📖 Tutorials

Building with Patterns: The Preallocation Pattern — Following the depreciation of MMAPv1 in MongoDB 4.0 the Preallocation pattern appeared to lose some of its luster, but here’s a look at a use case for the pattern that may still be applicable.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger (MongoDB)

Developing a RESTful API with Go and MongoDB — How to use the official MongoDB Go SDK to build a RESTful API that can be consumed by any client facing app.

Nic Raboy

How to Create Dynamic Custom Roles with MongoDB Stitch — If you’re using MongoDB’s Stitch app platform, you can define custom roles to adjust what resources and actions a user can access.

Andrew Morgan (MongoDB)

Building an Analytics Dashboard with Node, Express, and Cube.js

Artyom Keydunov

🔧 Code and Libraries

Mongoku: A Web-Based MongoDB Client — A basic, open source browser-based MongoDB client built on top of TypeScript, Node.js and Angular.

Hugging Face

MongoDB Input and Output Plugin for FluentdFluentd is a popular, open source log/event collection system. This plugin brings MongoDB support for both input and output data to Fluentd.


🗓 Events

DevopsDays Houston – Houston, USA (April 16-17) — A two-day conference covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.

AWS Summit Dubai – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (April 17) — Registration is free and available via AWS's website.

AWS Summit Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Holland (April 17) — Bringing people in Benelux together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS.

AWS Summit Seoul – Seoul, South Korea (April 17-18) — Join the MongoDB team in Seoul and learn more about MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB World 2019 – NYC, USA (June 17-19) — Three days of learning, networking and building and you'll get to hear about what's next for MongoDB.