#1 — January 18, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Welcome to the birth of MongoDB Weekly - a new weekly newsletter covering the vast ecosystem surrounding the most popular non-relational database. Enjoy!

What's New in MongoDB 3.6: The Series

MongoDB 3.6 came out just two months ago and there's a great four-part series of articles digging into some of what's new.

What's New in MongoDB 3.6, Part 1: Speed to Develop — A look at the new capabilities designed specifically to help developers build apps faster including change streams, retryable writes, developer tools, and fully expressive array manipulation.

What's New in MongoDB 3.6, Part 2: Speed to Scale — Diving into the world of DevOps and distributed systems management, exploring Ops Manager, schema governance, and compression.

What's New in MongoDB 3.6, Part 3: Speed to Insight — What’s new for developers, data scientists, and business analysts with the new SQL-based Connector for BI, richer in-database analytics and aggregations, and the new recommended driver for R.

What's New in MongoDB 3.6, Part 4: Avoid Lock-In, Run Anywhere — The new goodness in MongoDB, Inc.'s own Atlas fully managed database service, including Cross-region replication for globally distributed clusters, and auto-scaling.


MongoDB Atlas Now Available Across All Google Cloud Platform Regions — Get managed MongoDB hosting in a region near you.

Leo Zheng

▶  Webinar Grokking the Aggregation Pipeline – January 24 — A fundamental discussion of the philosophy of the Aggregation Pipeline and how to design powerful analytical queries and data transformation statements.

Austin Zellner


Introducing Mongobot: A Slackbot for Running MongoDB Queries — A brief introduction with what appears to be a forthcoming service aiming to make MongoDB queries as easy as a line of chat via Slack.

Buğra Cansın Göz

Performing MongoDB queries via Slack using Mongobot (above)

Considering the Community Effects of Introducing an Official MongoDB Driver for Go(lang) — There has been a MongoDB driver for the Go programming language for years, but due to developments in MongoDB and a slew of necessary updates, it was felt necessary to begin work on an official client, despite the potential for issues, as explained here.

"We wanted to invite people who wanted something more to try something new, rather than – via forking – implicitly asking people to pick sides in a project they already use.”

David Golden

Migrating Data from DynamoDB to MongoDB Atlas — For anyone considering moving from AWS's DynamoDB to MongoDB's hosted platform, Atlas.

Jay Gordon


MONGODB.local Seattle – February 15 (Seattle, WA) — A one-day educational conference being run by the creators of MongoDB themselves.

Percona Live – April 23-25 (Santa Clara, CA) — An event dedicated to open source database systems generally.

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC) — A huge opportunity to learn more about MongoDB and network with fellow developers. Want to speak? The CFP is open until January 31, 2018.