#50 — February 7, 2019

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MongoDB Weekly

Five Minute MongoDB: Change Streams and MongoDB 4.x — A quick dip into the world of Change Streams (a way to easily ‘listen’ for changes in data from your applications) and how MongoDB 4.0 made them a little better.

Dj Walker-Morgan

Building with Patterns: The Bucket Pattern — The latest in MongoDB’s new series on schema design patterns looks at the idea of ‘bucketing’ groups of data together in order to make historical analysis or future forecasting tasks easier.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger

Why MongoDB Is The Most Popular NoSQL Database Today — An interview with Alex Giamas, a technical architect in the British government’s Department for International Trade and author of Mastering MongoDB 3.x.

Amey Varangaonkar

Building a MongoDB Dashboard using Node.js — The key part of this tutorial is Cube.js, a framework for building analytics webapps and business intelligence tools.

Pavel Tiunov

▶  How Surfline Scales with the Waves on MongoDB AtlasSurfline is a service that provides wave forecasts for surfers.


The MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline in 5 Minutes


🔧 Code and Libraries

mongofluxd: Real-Time Sync from MongoDB into InfluxDB

Ryan Wynn

Agenda: Lightweight Job Scheduling for Node — Uses a MongoDB-backed persistence layer.

Ryan Schmukler

mongo-swift-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for Swift — Continuing to get frequent releases.

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoKitten: Native MongoDB Driver for Swift, Written in Swift — An interesting alternative to the official driver (above) that’s aimed very specifically at server-side Swift use cases.

Joannis Orlandos, Robbert Brandsma, and others

🗓 Events

MongoDB.local Dallas – Irving, TX (February 12) — A full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts and more.

MongoDB Atlas Walk Through – Webinar (February 14) — A walk through of the Atlas platform, covering how to launch a cluster, key features, getting your team on board and more — followed by a Q&A session.

MongoDB.local Sydney – Sydney, Australia (March 14) — A day of hands-on, deep-dive technical sessions.

MongoDB.local Seattle – Seattle, WA (March 14) — A full-day educational conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management.