#52 — April 25, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

MongoDB Charts Gets EmbeddableMongoDB Charts is a relatively new service that makes it easy to create visualizations and dashboards around data stored within MongoDB instances. A new feature (in preview only, for now) makes charts embeddable in third party locations, such as in blog posts.

There are lots of demos in this post if you want to see this in the flesh.

Jane Fine

MongoDB Has Acquired Realm, The Company Behind The Realm Mobile Database & Synchronization Platform — The deal is for $39 million in cash. A shared roadmap will be unveiled at MongoDB World 2019. Here’s the accompanying press release.

Eliot Horowitz

MongoDB is the 'Most Wanted' Database by Developers for the 4th Consecutive Year — Four years in a row, MongoDB is the Most Wanted Database by developers in Stack Overflow’s popular survey (taken by over 90,000 developers this year). Mat credits MongoDB’s document oriented model and MongoDB’s ability to be widely distributed.

Mat Keep

T-9 - 2018's Playback, 2019's Tracks: The Countdown to MongoDB World 2019 Begins — There are nine weeks to go to MongoDB World 2019 and Dj Walker-Morgan is pretty excited. Here he reflects on the tracks that will be taking place and looks back at some highlights of the 2018 event.

Dj Walker-Morgan

📖 Tutorials

Building with Patterns: The Schema Versioning Pattern — Even if you’re storing your data in a document-oriented database like MongoDB, it still has a schema and keeping track of which schema is being used on each document can help keep your database flexible.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger

Building with Patterns: The Document Versioning Pattern — A look at what’s involved when you want to keep track of multiple versions of a document over time, such as may be required by law, data practices, or industry convention.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger

🔧 Code and Libraries

mongodb-memory-server: Spin Up MongoDB in Memory for Faster Testing — Spins up a real MongoDB Server programmatically from Node.js for testing or mocking during development and holds data in memory by default.

Pavel Chertorogov

mongo-swift-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for SwiftVersion 0.1 has just come out and adds Swift 5 support, better error messages, and improvements to BSON handling,

MongoDB, Inc.

Mongoc.jl: An Unofficial MongoDB Driver for the Julia Language — Julia is a popular language in the numerical analysis and computational science worlds. This library is a Julia wrapper around libmongoc, the official client library for C apps.

Felipe Noronha

mtools: Useful Scripts to Work with MongoDB Log Files — Written in Python, mtools brings together tools for working with MongoDB log files, including slicing them up, extracting useful info, and visualizations.

Thomas Rueckstiess

🗓 Events

AWS Summit Sydney – Sydney, Australia (April 30-May 2) — The MongoDB team will be at AWS Summit Sydney to share all they can about Atlas and to give out limited edition swag.

MongoDB.local Atlanta – Atlanta, GA (May 1) — A full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts, and learning what’s new in MongoDB 4.0. AWS Summit Atlanta then follows the next day.

A Day of Cloud and Microservices with MongoDB and AO.com – London, UK (May 23) — Learn how cloud and microservices can help you deliver a 'superhero advantage' in a joint day of talks with MongoDB and AO.com, one of Europe's leading electronic retailers.

MongoDB World 2019 – NYC, USA (June 17-19) — Three days of learning, networking and building and you'll get to hear about what's next for MongoDB.