#17 — May 24, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

First Release Candidate of MongoDB 4.0 Released — Way back in issue 4, we got to announce MongoDB’s forthcoming support for ACID transactions, and now the first release candidate of MongoDB 4.0 is here for testing. There are other improvements too, including:

  • SCRAM-SHA-256 support
  • Native TLS support used on macOS and Windows
  • Improvements to Change Streams
  • Hybrid Cursor Caching

Kelsey Schubert

How to Integrate MongoDB Atlas and Segment using MongoDB Stitch — Segment is a platform that collects, stores, and routes data between common tools, and this thorough tutorial digs into using Stitch, MongoDB’s app backend as a service, to provide the server-side logic to connect Segment to MongoDB’s hosted Atlas service.

Jesse Krasnostein

mongo-monitor: A Simple CLI to Monitor a MongoDB Cluster — A lean and simple tool to check the status of a MongoDB server or cluster. Here’s the GitHub repo.

Dave Kerr

Mongotail: Log All MongoDB Queries in A 'tail'-able Way — A command line tool that can output any operation from a MongoDB database to the standard output in a way it can be manipulated using common Unix tools like tail. Explanatory blog post here.

Mariano Ruiz

MongoDB Celebrates Reaching 1,000 Employees — The size of a company isn’t everything but it’s great to see MongoDB continuing to grow - well done folks.


Winds 2.0: A MongoDB-Powered RSS Reader — An elegant feed reader app from Stream that uses MongoDB Atlas for its database and is supported by MongoDB too.

Thierry Schellenbach


Harness the Power of MongoDB for your Manufacturing IoT Solution – May 29 (Webinar) — Learn how MongoDB features provide solutions to IoT data management challenges.

Vivek Singh

Sydney MongoDB User Group – May 29 (Sydney, Australia)


Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference – May 30 - 31 (Houston)


DC Happy Hour with MongoDB — Legacy Modernization: RDBMS to NoSQL Migrations – May 31 (Washington DC) — An afternoon of technical discussion at the City Tapp Penn Quarter.


Austin MongoDB Meetup – June 5 (Austin, Texas)