#18 — May 31, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams — How to use change streams (introduced in MongoDB 3.6) to receive realtime notifications of database changes. Here, you get to create a simple React app that provides a working example, and demonstrates its power as a Firebase alternative.

Esteban Herrera

The Official MongoDB 4.0 Release Candidate 0 Tour — We linked to the mongodb-user list release notes last week, but Mat Keep has also written up a great tour of the key new features in MongoDB 4.0 which you can play with now.

Mat Keep (MongoDB)

Modern Distributed Application Deployment with Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas — A look at how MongoDB Atlas and Kubernetes can be used together to simplify the process of deploying and managing apps and their underlying dependencies.

Jay Gordon

A Look At Multi-Document Transactions in MongoDB 4.0 — An accessible introduction to MongoDB 4.0’s ACID transactions features complete with hands-on code examples.

Shyam Arjarapu

Build A RESTful API using Hapi.js and MongoDB — Hapi is a popular, opinionated Web framework for Node.js.

Patrick Meier

MongoDB Atlas Price Reduction on AWS Mumbai Deployments — As part of MongoDB’s commitment to lowering barriers to entry.


An Introduction to MongoDB — Already using MongoDB? This might not be for you, but this could work if you want to point someone else towards an introductory tutorial covering MongoDB, the Mongo shell, popular drivers, common database operations and CRUD actions within the Mongo shell.

Manjunath M

🗓 Events

Austin MongoDB Meetup – June 5 (Austin, Texas)

Building the MongoDB Infrastructure for the Amadeus Instant Search Application – June 14 (Webinar)

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC)