#4 — February 22, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

ACID Transactions Coming to MongoDB 4.0

MongoDB To Get Multi-Document ACID Transaction Support — The recent big announcement by MongoDB’s CTO, Eliot Horowitz, was that MongoDB 4.0, due later this year, will support ACID-compliant transactions. You can watch the announcement video here.

MongoDB 4.0 will support transactions in a single replica set. A later release, MongoDB 4.2, will then add support for transactions across sharded deployments.

Want to get access to transaction support early? You can sign up for the beta.

Eliot Horowitz

MongoDB’s Drive to Multi-Document Transactions — A look at what was involved in bringing transaction support to MongoDB and how incremental advancements to MongoDB version-by-version led to where it’s at now.

Grigori Melnik

A basic example of handling a transaction from Python

An Open Source MongoDB GUI

Robo 3T 1.2 Released — Formerly known as Robomongo, Robo 3T is a lightweight GUI for working with MongoDB with an embedded shell. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and you can download it here.

Robo 3T


Designing a REST API with Node.js and MongoDB Atlas — Atlas is MongoDB’s own MongoDB-as-a-Service platform.

Aman Mittal

A Node.js Perspective on MongoDB 3.6: $lookup and $expr — MongoDB 3.6 introduces support for more sophisticated lookups with the new $expr operator.

Valeri Karpov

Creating a Blogging App Using Angular and MongoDB

Roy Agasthyan

Training Machine Learning Models with MongoDB — Why schema flexibility makes MongoDB a good choice to iterate ML training experiments.

Nicholas Png

Mongo-Thingy: The Most Pythonic Way to Use MongoDB — An Object-Document Mapper that takes full advantage of schema-less design by not asking you to define schemas in your code.



NYC MongoDB User Group – March 6 (New York City) — A popular user group is featuring two talks on MongoDB 3.6's change streams feature.

Percona Live – April 23-25 (Santa Clara, CA) — An event dedicated to open source database systems generally.

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC) — A huge opportunity to learn more about MongoDB and network with fellow developers. Tickets are now available.