#16 — May 16, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

The MongoDB 3.6 Security Checklist — An official list of security measures that you should implement to protect your MongoDB installation.


See What Your MongoDB Server Is Doing With 'currentOp'currentOp is an administrative command that provides information about the current operations executing on the MongoDB server and here’s how to use it.

Shyam Arjarapu

▶  Getting Started with the MongoDB Atlas Free Tier — MongoDB Developer Advocate Jay Gordon walks you through how to spin up your first MongoDB cluster in MongoDB Atlas.

Jay Gordon

MongoDB Info: A Shell Script to Present MongoDB Stats — Quickly grab stats on uptime, memory use, counters, connections, and more.

Lukáš Mešťan

📘 Tutorials

Deploying a MongoDB Replica Set on AWS Docker Swarm

Oliver Clausen

Sharded MongoDB on Kubernetes using Local Persistent Volumes on AWS — How you can create sharded MongoDB clusters using local persistent volumes on AWS.

Sabarish Sasidharan

Rolling a Basic Microservice with MongoDB, Golang and Docker Multi-Stage Builds

Melvin Vivas

🗓 Events

Harness the Power of MongoDB for your Manufacturing IoT Solution – May 29 (Webinar) — Learn how MongoDB features provide solutions to IoT data management challenges.

Vivek Singh

Building Python Web Apps with MongoDB – May 30 (Webinar) — A three-part webcast series exploring why MongoDB is a good choice for Python web apps.


Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference – May 30 - 31 (Houston)


Sydney MongoDB User Group – May 29 (Sydney, Australia)


Austin MongoDB Meetup – June 5 (Austin, Texas)