#79 — April 22, 2021

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MongoDB Memo

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▶  MongoDB Schema Design Best Practices — A ten-minute video covering the basics of data modeling using real-world examples. You will learn common methodologies and vocabulary you can use when designing your database schema on your application.

Joe Karlsson

Capturing Hacker News Mentions with Node and MongoDB — If you don’t want to read the ‘orange site’ (as it’s often called) but you’d like to know if something gets mentioned there, here’s one option.

Nic Raboy

Mongoose Internals: Schemas, Schema Options, and Models — The undisputed expert of all things Mongoose (the MongoDB ODM for Node.js) is back with a new series of posts on how Mongoose works internally. It’s aimed at potential contributors, but any Mongoose user might get something from it.

Valeri Karpov

MongoDB 101: How to Tune Your MongoDB Configuration After Upgrading to More Memory

Mike Grayson

Mongo Seeding: A Tool to Populate MongoDB Databases — Define data in JSON, JavaScript, or TypeScript then populate a database using a library, CLI tool, or Docker image. Aimed at testing or setting up initial state for an app.

Paweł Kosiec

Monstache: Sync MongoDB to Elasticsearch in Realtime — A sync daemon (written in Go) that continuously indexes MongoDB collections into Elasticsearch.

Monstache Team

node-express-boilerplate: A Boilerplate for Building Production-Ready RESTful APIs with Express and Mongoose
Hagop Jamkojian

deno_mongo: A MongoDB Driver for Deno
Deno Drivers