#78 — January 22, 2021

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Developers Increasingly Pair MongoDB with PostgreSQL, Survey Finds — An interesting finding that comes out of a Studio3T survey of 18,000 developers. Redis is also a common pairing with MongoDB. And if Postgres is your thing, we have Postgres Weekly going out every week :-)

Matt Asay

'Everything You Know About MongoDB is Wrong' — Both fairly and unfairly, MongoDB has been the target of numerous assertions over the years that they’re keen to correct and refine here.

Mark Smith (MongoDB)

Amazon DocumentDB Introduces Transactions and MongoDB 4.0 Compatibility — AWS shows no sign of slowing down with any of its developments and their controversial (in some quarters) MongoDB-compatible document store is catching up with MongoDB 4.0 in the area of ACID transactions and cluster level change streams.

Amazon Web Services

MongoDB ObjectIds Now Start with 6 — This is pointless trivia, but ObjectIds are formed from Unix epoch timestamp values plus a random value and a incrementing counter. Due to the current time since 1970, ObjectIds now start with 6 rather than 5. You’ll need to wait till 2029 until the 7s begin. Generate some ObjectIds here!

Wes Bos on Twitter

5 Things Developers Should Know Before Deploying MongoDB — Covers a handful of things like authentication, sharding, why replication isn’t the same as having backups, and how schemas still matter.

Mike Grayson

The Impact of Data Model on MongoDB Database Size — The author discovered that making various tweaks to his data model yielded various performance and database size improvements.

Michał Knasiecki

Creating a REST API for Amazon DocumentDB with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda — If you’re more on the AWS side of things and using the MongoDB-compatible-ish DocumentDB, this may be of interest if you want to use it to build a serverless REST API.

Amazon Web Services

Using Polymorphic Data Validation with Nest.js and Mongoose — A hands-on guide to validate a document’s array filled with varying data models such as when working with MongoDB through Mongoose.

Rémi Sormain

Connecting Auth0 (the Authentication Platform) to MongoDB — How to configure MongoDB as an Auth0 custom database to simplify user migration or just add OAuth/Open ID Connect.

Ben Dechrai (Auth0)

Ingesting MongoDB Atlas Data using Amazon EventBridge — EventBridge is an AWS service that provides an event bus for tying together various SaaS apps and other AWS services.

James Beswick (AWS)

How MongoDB’s Drivers Team Makes It Easier for Developers to Innovate — Kaitlin Mahar, Lead Engineer at MongoDB, shares more about their Drivers team and how they support developers within the open source community.

MongoDB, Inc.