#80 — August 10, 2021

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MongoDB Memo

Control Your Data Colors in MongoDB Charts — The latest release of MongoDB Charts introduces a series of new options for controlling how you assign color to your charts. There’s a few visual examples in this blog post.

Angus Lee (MongoDB)

MongoDB 5.0: Serverless, Live Resharding, Time Series Data — In case you missed it, MongoDB launched MongoDB 5.0 last month, introducing features such as live resharding, native time series, and a versioned API. Here’s the official blog post from MongoDB themselves.

Mike Melanson

▶  What's The Blast Radius When Your Database Goes Down? — A discussion with Mark Porter, CTO of MongoDB, about his history using and building some of the foundational databases of the last four decades. Touches upon his time at Oracle and AWS, then dives into the trends he’s focused on at MongoDB (such as time series capabilities and serverless instances).

The Stack Overflow Podcast podcast

Modifying Documents Using Aggregation Pipelines and Update Expressions — With MongoDB 4.2 and up, it’s possible to use an aggregation pipeline to update MongoDB documents conditionally, allowing the update/creation of a field based on another field. As such, here are some common/basic operations which are easily achieved with SQL databases.

Rafael Galinari

Get Started with the MongoDB Realm Web SDK in 5 Minutes — How to send MongoDB queries directly from the web browser with the MongoDB Realm Web SDK.

Maxime Beugnet

ApostropheCMS on Picking the Right Database and CMS — In this case study of sorts, the CTO of ApostropheCMS shares how using MongoDB allowed them to push the performance of their product up and push the complexity of their code down.

Tom Boutell

Version 1.7.1 of the Official MongoDB Go Driver Released — Includes a bug fix and minor documentation update.

Benjamin Rewis

PyMongo 3.12.0 Released — This release adds support for MongoDB 5.0.

Shane Harvey

Fine-Tune Relevance in MongoDB Atlas Search with Function Scoring and Synonyms
Jenny Liang (MongoDB)

The Six Best MongoDB Books Based on Real User Reviews
Timothy King