#77 — October 22, 2020

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Introducing Multi-Cloud Clusters on MongoDB Atlas — Get the best of all clouds and deploy a single cluster across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud simultaneously with multi-cloud clusters on MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB, Inc.

Tips for Running MongoDB in Production Using Change Streams — Real-time tracking and auditing functionality has crept into a lot of databases that didn’t have it by default with ‘Change Streams’ being MongoDB’s approach for applications to access real-time data changes without endless polling.

Onyancha Brian Henry

MongoDB 4.4 Released — The latest version of the perennially popular document oriented database is here. It’s not as big a release as 4.0 or 4.2 were, but improvements have been made to aggregations and querying, connection monitoring and pooling, and new official drivers for Rust and Swift.

MongoDB Inc.

Oracle Introduces Autonomous JSON Database, Takes on MongoDB — A new cloud service built for developers looking for an easy to use JSON database with simple NoSQL APIs – intriguingly it boasts ‘all the core capabilities of MongoDB’ and there are some price comparisons to MongoDB Atlas so it’s clear who they’re going after ;-)

Beda Hammerschmidt (Oracle)

A Look at TTL Indexes in Mongo — When someone as smart as Brandur says a MongoDB feature is *“one of the most useful new database features in years”, I listen. TTL indexes provide a way to automatically prune old data. Redis and DynamoDB have similar concepts and I use TTLs on the latter to run engineeringblogs.xyz :-)

Brandur Leach

Using Postgres to Offload Real-Time Reporting and Analytics from MongoDB — Weighs up the advantages and disadvantages of moving read-heavy analytics off a primary MongoDB database to PostgreSQL.

Shawn Adams

How Wix is Able to Host 1 Million Sites Per MongoDB Cluster — When you need to store millions of databases with multiple collections efficiently, what do you do? This is exactly the question Wix faced when working on its Wix Data service.

Giedrius Graževičius (Wix)

mongomeili: Keep Your Mongoose Schemas Synced with MeiliSearchMeiliSearch is a search focused system built in Rust (GitHub repo) and this will let you sync documents between Mongo and MeiliSearch so you can use Mongo as your canonical store and MeiliSearch for the end-user search aspects.

Loophole Labs

▶  Discussing Document Databases and Mongo with Joe Karlsson — An easily accessible podcast (in true Scott Hanselman style) about MongoDB and how document databases differ from classic table-based systems, with a MongoDB engineer as the guest. 32 minutes.

Scott Hanselman podcast

Automating MongoDB Backups with AWS Fargate, S3 and CDK

Using MongoDB CLI to Get Atlas Performance Advice From Your Terminal

Mongoose Execution Time: A Plugin for Measuring and Logging Query Execution Time

Evaluating MongoDB Under Python TPCC 1000W Workload