#69 — February 6, 2020

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Developing Alexa Skills with MongoDB and Golang — Learn how to develop Amazon Alexa Skills that interact with MongoDB using the Go programming language and AWS Lambda.

Nic Raboy (MongoDB)

MongoDB Performance Best Practices: Query Patterns and Profiling — Best practices for delivering performance at scale with MongoDB. Learn about optimal query patterns and tools to help you profile and tune your queries.

Mat Keep and Henrik Ingo

How to Run MongoDB Ops Manager in Kubernetes — If you’re a MongoDB enterprise user working with Kubernetes, this tutorial is for you as Ops Manager is the perfect way to manage MongoDB clusters running on Kubernetes.

Anton Lisovenko

Modern Full-Stack Development with Nest.js, React, TypeScript, and MongoDB — Brings together a variety of tools and technologies (including Mongo!) to demonstrate the use of Mongo and Mongoose to act as the database for a modern Node-based webapp.

Olususi Oluyemi (Auth0)

Building Modern Applications with Next.js and MongoDBNext.js is a popular framework for building complete React-based webapps and it’s easy to use MongoDB as the database for such apps via MongoDB’s Atlas platform.

Ado Kukic

New MongoDB PHP Library and Driver Releases — There are new releases of the official PHP library and underlying driver. v1.6.0 adds support for client-side field level encryption and the ability to supply index hints to update and replace queries. It’s also the last release that will have PHP 5 compatibility.

MongoDB, Inc.

Modelling One-to-Many Relationships with Mongoose — Mongoose is perhaps the most popular way to use MongoDB from Node.js.

Bez Koder

3 Reasons Why Atlas Is Critical to MongoDB's Top-Line Growth — We try to go light on the business-side stories here, but it’s always encouraging to see that MongoDB and Atlas are growing, ensuring MongoDB remains a safe bet into the future.

The Motley Fool

🗓 Events

MongoDB Back to Basics Workshop – Wanchai, Hong Kong (February 21)This event is currently postponed due to the coronavirus.

MongoDB.local – Irvine, CA, USA (February 26) — Learn technologies, tools, and best practices that make it easy for you to build data-driven apps.

Atlas on GCP Workshop – Stockholm, Sweden (March 11) — MongoDB and Google Cloud are offering a free half day workshop to get hands-on experience with MongoDB Atlas.