#70 — February 20, 2020

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The MongoDB Developer Community Forums — A new Discourse-powered community forum for all developers interested in MongoDB technologies. Be sure to note the code of conduct. Unsure what to post? Say hi here.

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Finding the Moving Average From Heterogeneous Data Sources Using Apache Kafka, MongoDB and R — It’s a long title, but a solid tutorial about using the new MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka to build data pipelines by way of a practical example.

Robert Walters

The MongoDB Charts Embedding SDK Beta has Launched — MongoDB Charts on Atlas now supports embedding using a JavaScript SDK (in beta), allowing you to programmatically create and interact with your charts in your own application.


Tracking Coronavirus News with MongoDB Charts — Learn how you could put MongoDB Charts to use tracking the global Coronavirus outbreak. There are some good examples of the sort of output you can generate here.

Maxime Beugnet

Using MongoDB as Storage for Python OpenFaaS Functions — Learn how to connect MongoDB to your Python 3 functions when using OpenFaaS.

Alex Ellis

▶  Modeling MongoDB Documents with Native Go Data Structures — How to use the MongoDB Go driver to add BSON annotations to your native Go data structures, providing a way to seamlessly interact with data in the app as well as the database.

Nic Raboy

Filter Your Dashboards with MongoDB Charts — MongoDB Charts on Atlas supports dashboard-level filters, allowing you to quickly change the context of a single dashboard to better focus your analysis. Here’s a quick example.

Tom Hollander (MongoDB)

▶  Hwo to Delete MongoDB Documents with Go — Learn how to delete MongoDB documents and drop collections using the DeleteOne, DeleteMany and Drop functions of the Go driver for MongoDB.

Nic Raboy

Product Management at MongoDB - Meet Rezwan Khan — The latest in a line of MongoDB Inc. employee interviews, this time looking at the experience of a MongoDB product manager, which is mostly about talking to customers and figuring out how to solve the problems they have.


Anonimongo: Another Nim MongoDB Driver — If you’re not familiar with Nim, it’s a small, statically typed language that compiles to C, C++ or JavaScript.


Gateman.js: A MongoDB-Powered Roles and Authorization System for Node Apps — It leans heavily upon Mongoose.


🗓 Events

MongoDB.local – Irvine, CA, USA (February 26) — Learn technologies, tools, and best practices that make it easy for you to build data-driven apps.

Atlas on GCP Workshop – Stockholm, Sweden (March 11) — MongoDB and Google Cloud are offering a free half day workshop to get hands-on experience with MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB.local – Seattle, WA, USA (March 17) — MongoDB Inc's series of local events reaches the Pacific Northwest.

MongoDB World – New York City, USA (May 4-6) — A jam packed 3 days of talks, workshops, panels and exhibitions devoted to every corner of MongoDB.