#68 — January 24, 2020

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MongoDB Memo

Introducing GraphQL Support in MongoDB Atlas with Stitch — You can now interact with MongoDB through GraphQL directly in Stitch, without the need for a backend web service.

Nicolas Raboy (MongoDB)

MongoDB 4.2 Now Available on the Atlas Free Tier — You can now try out the latest version of MongoDB on MongoDB Inc’s own fully managed service at no cost and you still get field level encryption, materialized views, and wildcard indexes.

Mat Keep (MongoDB)

▶  MongoDB.local San Francisco Keynote — Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-Founder of MongoDB, gave this keynote talk yesterday. It runs through all that’s new and exciting in MongoDB 4.2, and shares some new product announcements, including the GraphQL news above (and the next few stories below).

MongoDB on YouTube

The MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka Is Now GA — The Connector allows you to easily build robust and reactive data pipelines that take advantage of stream processing between datastores, applications, and services in real-time.

Seth Payne & Tifani Ramic (MongoDB)

Full-Text Search (Beta) Comes to MongoDB Atlas Free and Shared Tiers

Jenny Liang (MongoDB)

A Look at BSON Data Types: Decimal128 — Working with decimal numbers can be a challenge. The Decimal128 BSON data type allows for high precision options when working with numbers.

Ken W. Alger (MongoDB)

▶  Discussing the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka with Hans-Peter Grahsl — A quick five minute chat with Hans-Peter Grahsl, the author of a popular community-driven Kafka sink connector for MongoDB, on the benefits of using the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka for things like ETL data pipelines and change data capture (CDC).

MongoDB on YouTube

MongoDB in Production: How Connection Pool Size Can Bottleneck App Scaling — See how MongoDB connection pools and pool sizing works and how getting the settings right is key to scaling your app.

Kyle Martin

Mongo Aggregates and How to Explain Aggregate Queries

Ranvir Singh

Making an Impact as an Intern on MongoDB’s Driver Team — Computer Science major Sam Pal did an internship at MongoDB, Inc. where she got to work on the official Node.js driver.

Joshua Fayer and Sam Pal (MongoDB)

mgob: A Dockerized MongoDB Backup Agent — Runs schedule backups with retention, S3 & SFTP upload, notifications, instrumentation with Prometheus and more.

Stefan Prodan

🗓 Events

Data With Your Coffee: Real-Time Analytics with Azure Databricks and MongoDB  – Montreal, Canada (January 29) — Join MongoDB and Microsoft Azure for a breakfast presentation, teaching you how to build a new class of real-time analytics combining Azure Databricks with MongoDB. Please note, this session will be delivered in French.

MongoDB Back to Basics Workshop – Wanchai, Hong Kong (February 21) — A half-day training workshop covering the basics.

MongoDB.local – Irvine, CA, USA (February 26) — Learn technologies, tools, and best practices that make it easy for you to build data-driven apps.