#60 — September 5, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

Atlas Data Lake, Now Explorable with MongoDB CompassMongoDB Data Lake, currently in beta, is a fully managed data lake as a service that lets you explore semi-structured data stored on AWS S3 (other stores to be supported in due course) using the MongoDB Query Language you all know and love. The popular MongoDB Compass GUI now supports working with Atlas Data Lake.

MongoDB, Inc.

What Went Away in MongoDB 4.2 — With each release of MongoDB, we gain new features and tools, but sometimes it’s also necessary to let go of old ideas and functionality too. Find out a few of the things that you’ll need to say goodbye to in 4.2, including:

  • MMAPv1
  • Using maxScan in finds
  • repairDatabase
  • Using ‘SSL’ options in scripts and config files

Dj Walker Morgan (MongoDB)

MongoDB Atlas Launches on Microsoft Azure Marketplace — Big news for Azure users who want to use MongoDB’s managed Atlas service and keep all the billing unified under their Azure account.

MongoDB, Inc.

The 4.2 GA Challenge: Tell MongoDB What You Like in 4.2 — There’s a chance to win credits for MongoDB’s Atlas service if you share your favorite ideas on how to use MongoDB 4.2’s new features in your apps.

Dj Walker-Morgan (MongoDB)

MongoDB Removed from Homebrew's Core Formulas, But.. — Due to recent changes to MongoDB’s license, the mongodb formula in the Homebrew package manager (commonly used on macOS) has been removed, but MongoDB has its own official brew tap you should use instead via brew tap mongodb/brew

Homebrew Project

MongoDB Atlas Extends into the Middle East — There are two new data centers in Dubai and Bahrain.

MongoDB, Inc.

Realtime Streaming MongoDB into S3 using Spark QueueStream and Scala Observer

Eduardo Rost

▶  From Early Stage Startups to Manager at MongoDB — An interview with Harry Wolff, an engineering manager at MongoDB in New York City.

Abbey Rennemeyer podcast

Mongo Hacker: MongoDB Shell Enhancements — One developer’s opinionated enhancements to the MongoDB CLI client.

Tyler Brock

🗓 Events

IBM and MongoDB Virtual Hands-On Workshop – Online (September 12) — A digital workshop aimed at people within the IBM ecosystem. There are two workshops, aimed at the US/Europe and Asia/Pacific regions respectively.

MongoDB London – London, UK (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.

MongoDB World 2020 – New York (May 2020) — If you’re really keen you can already get your tickets for next year’s MongoDB World conference.