#59 — August 22, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

MongoDB 4.2 Released — MongoDB takes another step forward, adding support for distributed ACID transactions, on-demand materialized views, wildcard indexes, and retryable reads and writes (for handling transient cluster failures). Client-side field-level encryption is also in beta.

Eliot Horowitz (MongoDB)

▶  The 30 Minute Abridged MongoDB World 2019 Keynote — It’s always useful to stay up to date with the latest keynotes if you want to get the big picture of where MongoDB is headed, but they can be long. So.. MongoDB has put together a nifty 30 minute abridged version of the latest one which covered not only MongoDB 4.2, but also improvements to other parts of the MongoDB platform, including a full text search demo with Karen Huaulme.

Eliot Horowitz

▶  MongoDB World 2019 Keynote - 4.2 Release — Or if you only want to focus on the 4.2 release, this is a good primer/refresher in just 10 minutes.

Eliot Horowitz (MongoDB)

The MongoDB Perl Driver is Being Deprecated — The latest release of the Perl driver, 2.2.0, will be the last for the Perl driver as it is now deprecated and will reach end of life in August 2020. Why? It has “very few users and even fewer new projects being started”

MongoDB, Inc.

Using MongoDB Atlas as a Custom Database — This is from a few months back now, but shows how you can set up MongoDB Atlas as a custom database within an Auth0 dashboard.

Bruno Krebs (Auth0)

The Long-Awaited MongoDB 4.2 GA Has Landed — Percona’s take on the GA release of 4.2.

Akira Kurogane (Percona)

Top 10 Security Best Practices for MongoDB — A collection of MongoDB best practices to level up your database security. MongoDB maintain their own security checklist here.

Casey Dunham

▶  Start Here: A Video Introduction to MongoDB Stitch — From building an app to using authentication providers, this video introduction to MongoDB Stitch covers all of the essentials.

Lauren Schaefer (MongoDB)

Creating a MongoDB Cluster and Inserting a Document with Python

Garrett Sweeney

▶  Using MongoDB with Stitch and Atlas — Brian Douglas talks to Michael Lynn and Drew DiPalma of MongoDB about how developers are using Stitch and Atlas to power their projects.

JAMstack Radio podcast

🛠 Code & Tools

Version 2.9.0 of the .NET Driver for MongoDB — A significant update for the official C# MongoDB driver.

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoKitten: Native MongoDB Driver for Swift, Written in Swift — An interesting alternative to the official driver that’s aimed very specifically at server-side Swift use cases. Version 6 is now in beta.

Joannis Orlandos, Robbert Brandsma, and others

MonJam: Database Migration for MongoDB — An in-development migration tool for MongoDB.

Worawat Wijarn

🗓 Events

MongoDB & Microservices – Webinar (August 29) — The first in a two-part series, introducing the concepts behind microservices and the tech involved.

AWS Summit Mexico City – Mexico (August 29) — Learn more about MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database service.

MongoDB London – London, UK (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.

MongoDB World 2020 – New York (May 2020) — If you’re really keen you can already get your tickets for next year’s MongoDB World conference.