#61 — September 18, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

▶  Discussing the MongoDB Data Platform with Andrew Davidson — Andrew Davidson is Director of Cloud Products at MongoDB. He joins Jeff Meyerson to discuss the emerging idea of “data platforms” where a single, transactional database isn't enough, but instead you might also have a data warehouse, search index, etc.

Software Engineering Daily podcast

A Browser-Based MongoDB 4.2 Playground — Inspired by similar ‘playgrounds’ for Go or JavaScript, this page lets you play with a MongoDB database from your browser. It’s open source if you want to run your own instance (internally, say).

Adrien Petel

Integrations & Services Available from MongoDB for the Cloud — MongoDB Atlas provides access to a variety of extended services that offer many ways of handing your data — this blog goes through some of the top integrations and new services available.

Bart Oles

What's New in Mongoose 5.7Mongoose is perhaps the most popular way to use MongoDB from Node and 5.7 introduces support for MongoDB 4.2, as well as conditionally immutable properties and faster document arrays.

Valeri Karpov

Configuring Stitch Automated Deployments with GitHub — How to configure your project to be automatically deployed.

Lauren Schaefer (MongoDB)

How to Connect Angular and MongoDB to Build a Secure App

Holger Schmitz

Quick Start C# and MongoDB - Starting and Setup

Ken W Alger (MongoDB)

Announcing the Launch of Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.0-1

Borys Belinsky

🗓 Events

MongoDB London – London, UK (September 25) — A one-day event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO & co-founder Eliot Horowitz.

React Alicante – Alicante, Spain (September 26-28) — MongoDB's Harry Wolff will be speaking about evergreen legacy applications at this React conf.

Western New York User Group Meetup – New York, USA (October 1) — Join MongoDB product experts for an overview of updates in MongoDB 4.2.