#58 — August 8, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

More Powerful Pagination with the Bucket Pattern — If your app works with large amounts of data over time, you probably use the idea of pagination in order not to overwhelm users (and your database!) Using skip and limit to implement paging can begin to get sluggish, however, so if pagination is a major feature within your app, you'll want to consider other approaches. Enter, the bucket pattern..

Justin LaBreck (MongoDB)

Coming in MongoDB 4.2: Pipeline Powered Updates and More Expressive Queries — A continuing look into new features coming to the next major point release. Specifically this post looks at enhancements to updates and to the aggregation pipeline. Lots to enjoy here.

Dj Walker-Morgan (MongoDB)

Simple Deployment of MongoDB using OpenShift Container Storage — The first in a series of posts on the various ways to deploy MongoDB on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Sagy Volkov

Getting Started with the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka and MongoDB Atlas — A look at how to connect Apache Kafka and MongoDB Atlas using the MongoDB Connector.

Robert Walters (MongoDB)

Build Database Clusters with MongoDB — Explains how to set up a sharded cluster for highly available distributed datasets.

Phil Zona (Linode)

Connecting to MongoDB with Mongoose — If you’re a Node dev, Mongoose is a great way to work with MongoDB, and while mongoose.connect() is the most common way to connect to MongoDB, there are some things to be aware of.

Mastering JS

Setting Up MongoDB Locally — A brief visual guide to building a quick MongoDB instance locally.

Jack Keck beginner

🛠 Code & Tools

mongoose-timezone: A Mongoose Plugin to Normalize Stored Date Timezones — If you use MongoDB from Node using Mongoose (and you should), this may be helpful when working with dates across timezones.

Rodrigo Gomes da Silva

A Fuzzy Searching Plugin for Mongoose — A way to create a basic text search feature that’s resilient to minor typos and spelling problems.

Vassilis Pallas

MontyDB: A Tiny Clone of MongoDB in Python — An interesting bit of fun here for Python developers. It’s a TinyDB-inspired, pure Python MongoDB-a-like!

David Lai

🗓 Events

MongoDB.local – Houston, TX (August 20) — A full-day educational conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management.

MongoDB User Group - What's New in 4.2 – Chicago, IL (August 22) — A deep-dive into recent announcements from MongoDB World 2019.

MongoDB & Microservices – Webinar (August 29) — The first in a two-part series, introducing the concepts behind microservices and the tech involved.

AWS Summit Mexico City – Mexico (August 29) — Learn more about MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database service.

MongoDB London – London, UK (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.