#57 — July 25, 2019

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🎧  The MongoDB Podcast Special  📻

While MongoDB doesn't have its own podcast (yet), it gets discussed on existing shows quite often, and it can be a great way to hear people's opinions, use cases, and come up with new ideas of your own, so here's some of the episodes we've enjoyed:

▶  Discussing MongoDB with Andrew Davidson — An interview from Google’s Cloud Next ‘19 event with MongoDB’s Director of Cloud Products focused on MongoDB’s Atlas cloud service, how it integrates with cloud providers, and the use cases.

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

▶  Using MongoDB Atlas as a Managed Database for React Native — A panel discussion with MongoDB Inc’s Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma on both Atlas and Stitch and where they can help simplify the backend infrastructure to mobile apps built using React Native.

React Native Radio

▶  How to Market to Developers with Meghan Gill of MongoDB — This is a less technical talk, but Meghan was one of MongoDB Inc’s first employees and is now VP Sales Operations which means she directs MongoDB’s sales processes.

The Sales Hacker Podcast

▶  Database Performance and Optimization with Andrew Davidson — Software Engineering Daily is one of the biggest developer podcasts out there (if not the biggest) and this was an interesting episode because MongoDB Atlas’s then lead product manager covered database performance in both general and MongoDB-specific ways so there’s something for everyone.

Software Engineering Daily

New Features Coming to MongoDB 4.2 for Operators and Admins — In the last issue we linked to a post looking at some forthcoming MongoDB 4.2 features for developers but there are goodies for ops folks too including Zstandard compression, easily rotatable auth keys, and externally sourced configuration file values (so you can serve up things like passwords over an internal HTTP service, say).

Dj Walker-Morgan

Terraform and Vault Are Coming to MongoDB Atlas — Continuing with the great news for the ops folks, MongoDB is developing a Terraform Provider and Vaults Secrets Engine for its Atlas platform meaning it’ll be even easier to integrate MongoDB into code-driven infrastructure management.

Melissa Plunkett

Sign Up for the What’s New in MongoDB 4.2 Webinar – August 13, 2019 — MongoDB 4.2 is on the way and while we’ll keep linking to blog posts about the newest features, this webinar (which also includes a live Q&A) should prove a handy one-stop shop next month.


How Predii Rapidly Produces Predictive Analytics Tools with MongoDB — A brief case study with Predii, a ‘prescriptive analytics’ company whose software predicts when heavy machinery will fail so it can be maintained appropriately.

Robert Walters

Using MongoDB Stitch to Build a Site for Grandma’s Recipes — Nick, a full-stack engineer at MongoDB, Inc., turned his grandma’s collection of index-card based recipes into a Web site, complete with authentication, using the Stitch Backend as a Service.

Nick Makes

▶  How to Use MongoDB and PostgreSQL in GraphQL — A demonstration of bringing various databases together (the choice of MongoDB and Postgres are reasonably arbitrary here) using the GraphQL query language, Apollo Server, and Node.js.

Ben Awad

MongoDB Go Driver Updated to Version 1.0.4 — Focused principally on bug fixes, particularly around error handling.

MongoDB, Inc.

🗓 Events

GopherCon – San Diego, CA (July 24-27) — The biggest annual event for the Go development community (yes, we have a newsletter for that!) Some of the MongoDB will be present and exhibiting.

MongoDB & Google Cloud Experience Tour – Böblingen, Germany (July 25) — Meet the experts of Cloudwürdig, Google, MongoDB, SUSE and BOTfriends at the Google truck in front of the Motorworld Böblingen.

Boston MongoDB Atlas on GCP Workshop – Cambridge, United States (August 1) — A free day of hands-on training to help you and your team use MongoDB Atlas, a fully-managed cloud database developed by the same people that built MongoDB.

MongoDB.local – Houston, TX (August 20) — A full-day educational conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management.

AWS Summit Mexico City –  Mexico City (August 29) — Learn more about MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database service built and run by the team behind MongoDB.

MongoDB London – London, England (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.