#54 — May 30, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

MongoDB Atlas Gains Ability to Load Sample Data for Easier LearningAtlas, MongoDB’s managed MongoDB database service, now includes a “Load Sample Data” feature to enable you to get up and playing with the service more quickly. There are six datasets (including a collection of shipwrecks with geolocation data) totalling 350MB you can play with, including using Charts to visualize them.


dbKoda: An Unofficial, Open Source IDE for MongoDB — Built around JavaScript and Electron, dbKoda includes a rich text editor for queries with auto-complete and syntax highlighting, a real time performance dashboard, data import and export utilities, and more. Version 1.1 has just come out.

Southbank Software

Eliot's Weekly MongoDB World Challenge Week 5 — The latest in MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz’s weekly challenges is out. This time, you’ll be using a 'JAM' (which stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) stack to build a database-backed static web site.

MongoDB, Inc.

Are You The Next MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year? — For several years now, MongoDB has given special recognition to selected MongoDB Certified Professionals. Tell your story (submissions due by end of Friday, May 31) and if you’re chosen you could receive an expenses-paid trip to MongoDB World 2019. And if you’re not a MongoDB Certified Professional yet, you could learn what it entails to be prepared for 2020 ;-)

Amy Berman

MongoDB Atlas Now Has Private Network Peering for Azure and GCP, Plus Two New Regions — Good news if you want a hosted MongoDB database in Johannesburg or Zurich.

MongoDB, Inc.

📖 Tutorials

JSON Schema Validation: Checking Your Arrays — Let’s say you’re storing an array of items but you want to place validations upon their contents (e.g. uniqueness), here’s a look at how JSON schema validation could help.

Ken W. Alger

Building GraphQL APIs with Kotlin, Spring Boot, and MongoDB — A meaty tutorial on building a modern GraphQL-based API on top of MongoDB with Kotlin, the flexible JVM language (that Google is now suggesting all Android developers use instead of Java).

Idorenyin Obong (Auth0)

Reactive Transactions with Spring — Including using MongoDB 4’s transactions support. One for you Java developers.

Mark Paluch

▶  How Cisco Deploys MongoDB For High Volume Time Series Data Streams — A ‘playback’ of a talk from MongoDB World 2018 to help whet your appetite for this year’s forthcoming event.

Dj Walker-Morgan

🔧 Code and Libraries

graphql-codegen: A GraphQL Code Generator — A tool that generates code out of your GraphQL schema, including for MongoDB.

Tomek Poniatowicz

mongodbshell: Easily Use MongoDB from the Python Shell — The Python shell provides a great environment for Python developers to interact with MongoDB and this provides some extra, useful helpers.

Joe Drumgoole

Restgoose: A Model-Driven REST API Framework for MongoDB Databases — Exposes a MongoDB database via a REST API driven by the model itself, which reduces the boilerplate code necessary to write simple endpoints. Uses the always excellent Mongoose ODM to do the heavy lifting.


Spruce: A Small, Open Source Social Networking Platform Powered by Node.js and MongoDB

Divy Srivastava

ReactiveMongo: A Non-Blocking, Reactive MongoDB Driver for Scala


🗓 Events

Data Driven Drilling and Production – Houston, Texas (June 11-12) — If you're involved in Texas's booming energy industry, this event is for you as it literally drills into how MongoDB can help analyze the vast amounts of data the energy industry works with.

MongoDB World 2019 – NYC, USA (June 17-19) — Three days of learning, networking and building and you'll get to hear about what's next for MongoDB.

MongoDB London – London, England (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.