#55 — June 13, 2019

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Kafka is Coming to MongoDB (and Vice Versa): Previewing The Official Connector — Apache Kafka, an open-source real-time data pipeline and stream processing system, is very popular in enterprise deployments these days, and MongoDB is working on a new, native, and fully supported connector to enable integration in both directions between Kafka and MongoDB. This will open up some neat use cases.

Scott L'Hommedieu (MongoDB, Inc.)

Coming in MongoDB 4.2: Wildcard Indexes — It’s been over a year since MongoDB 4.0 was released but now we can start looking forward to the next feature driven release, 4.2. MongoDB’s Dj Walker-Morgan kicks off a series of posts looking at forthcoming 4.2 features with a look at an index which covers any field which matches a filter.

Dj Walker-Morgan (MongoDB)

The Draft Release Notes for MongoDB 4.2 — These release notes are not complete (since MongoDB 4.2 isn’t even released yet!) but they act as a ‘living document’ and will continue to improve as the final release gets closer. There’s already a lot to look at, though.

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB's Indexes and When to Use Them — Indexes are a fundamental concept supported by most databases that help significantly speed up data access and MongoDB is no exception. This substantial post looks at how they work and how you might put them to use with your MongoDB collections.

Almog Vagman Ciprut

MongoDB Atlas Now Available Through The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace — MongoDB’s fully managed global cloud database is now available as an offering on the GCP Marketplace which could help with your billing situation if you’re already a heavy GCP user.

Abhinav Mehla and Tifani Ramic (MongoDB, Inc.)

MongoDB Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Database-As-A-Service Q2 2019 — MongoDB Atlas is the only Database-as-a-Service available on all three major cloud platforms.

Seong Park (MongoDB)

MongoDB Atlas Users Get New Support and Backup OptionsAtlas Developer is a new support option for MongoDB users that’s aimed at customers with small to mid-level deployments. There’s now also improved backup options (you can schedule snapshots and control their retention).

Leo Zheng (MongoDB)

🔧 Code and Libraries

uuid-mongodb 2.0: Generates and Parse MongoDB BSON UUIDs in Node.js — Generates and parses BSON UUIDs for use with MongoDB as BSON UUIDs provide better performance than their string counterparts. Version 2.0 came out recently.

Carmine DiMascio

Arctic: A MongoDB-Powered Time Series and 'Tick Data' Store — It’s built on top of MongoDB and aimed at Python developers with support for Pandas, numpy arrays and pickled objects.


Percona MongoDB Exporter: A Prometheus Exporter for MongoDB — Monitor lots of Mongo related metrics (server status, sharding, storage engine, etc.) with the open source Prometheus system.


🗓 Events

MongoDB World 2019 – NYC, USA (June 17-19) — Three days of learning, networking and building and you'll get to hear about what's next for MongoDB — we'll be covering it here in the newsletter too, of course.

Toronto MongoDB Atlas Workshop – Toronto, Canada (June 24) — Want to learn more about MongoDB Atlas for free and can get to Toronto on the 24th?

GopherCon – San Diego, CA (July 24-27) — The biggest annual event for the Go development community (yes, we have a newsletter for that!) Some of the MongoDB will be present and exhibiting.

MongoDB London – London, England (September 25) — A one-day educational event for both existing and new MongoDB users featuring CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz.