#49 — January 31, 2019

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MongoDB Weekly

Learn Node and MongoDB by Building a URL Shortener App — Aimed at the entry level developer who wants to pick up several skills at the same time by building a single app.

Ayo Isaiah

Five Minute MongoDB: Why Documents? — A quick explanation of why documents over relational databases for modern applications: “The document is the natural representation of data. We only broke data up into rows and columns back in the 70s as a way to optimize data access.”

Dj Walker-Morgan

Getting Started with MongoDB Charts in MongoDB Atlas — It’s pretty straightforward.

Mike Gray

MongoDB Schema Design Patterns: Attribute — The latest in MongoDB’s new series on schema design patterns looks as the attribute pattern which is used to target similar fields in a document and reduce the number of indexes needed.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger

What's The Deal with Data Integrity in Relational Databases vs MongoDB?“Over time though, as developers used MongoDB as a general purpose database, there were more and more occasions for them to need to manipulate multiple documents in one operation while maintaining integrity. That’s where MongoDB 4.0 came in with its multi-document ACID transaction support.”

Lauren Schaefer (MongoDB)

How to Create a Realtime App using Socket.io, React, Node.js and MongoDB

Michio JP

What Is The MERN Stack and How Do I Use It? — An attempt to clear up any confusion about how the MERN (using MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js) stack works.

Tim Smith

Mongotail: Log All MongoDB Queries in a 'tail'-able Way

Mariano Ruiz

🗓 Events

MongoDB.local Dallas – Irving, TX (February 12) — A full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts and more.

MongoDB Atlas Walk Through – Webinar (February 14) — A walk through of the Atlas platform, covering how to launch a cluster, key features, getting your team on board and more — followed by a Q&A session.

MongoDB.local Sydney – Sydney, Australia (March 14) — A day of hands-on, deep-dive technical sessions.

MongoDB.local Seattle – Seattle, WA (March 14) — A full-day educational conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management.