#32 — September 13, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Time Series Data and MongoDB: An Introduction — MongoDB isn’t commonly associated with being used to store time series data (essentially streams of data traced over time periods) but it’s well suited to the task and many companies are doing it at serious scale. This new blog series seeks to provide best practices if you hope to build out a time series application on MongoDB.

Robert Walter (MongoDB)

How to Visually Spot and Analyze Slow MongoDB Operations — A team developed their own operation profiler and visualizer to speed up their database. This post digs into the motivation, how it works, and what results you can obtain.

Kay Agahd

How to Manage Any Kind of Secret with AWS Secrets Manager — Learn how to write and configure a custom, serverless AWS Lambda function to use AWS Secrets Manager for any kind of secret - in this case for rotating passwords for a MongoDB install.

Sander Knape

Setting Up a Python MongoDB Environment — The first in a new series of posts aiming to introduce you to work with MongoDB from Python. This outing covers m, a handy tool to get MongoDB installed, and getting PyMongo, a Python MongoDB driver, installed.

Joe Drumgoole (MongoDB)

Express.js Boilerplate for Building RESTful APIs — A starter project to build a REST-based API service with Node.js that uses MongoDB for storage.

Daniel Sousa

GrandNode: An E-Commerce Platform Built on ASP.NET Core and MongoDB


🗓 Events

Google Cloud Summit – September 20 (New York, NY) — Join MongoDB at Google Cloud Summit New York 2018 to be a part of what’s next for cloud. Stop by the MongoDB booth to learn more about MongoDB Atlas, our database as a service.

MongoDB.local Austin – September 26 (Austin, TX) — An educational conference covering app design techniques and performance management advice.

MongoDB.local DC – October 4 (Washington, DC) — Experience a full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts, and learn what’s new in MongoDB 4.0.

Why the Data Layer Matters for Microservices – October 4 (London, UK) — How telecommunications giant Vodafone uncovered the importance of making the right choice in the data layer to support their Microservices strategy