#33 — September 20, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

▶  MongoDB CTO's Chicago Keynote — MongoDB CTO and co-founder Eliot Horowitz explains why MongoDB is the best database for modern applications, how MongoDB is evolving, and where Atlas and Stitch fit into the big picture.

MongoDB Chicago

Time Series Data Schema Design Best PracticesLast week, we linked to the introduction to this series in working with time series data with MongoDB. This time we see how different schema designs can impact memory and disk usage.

Robert Walters

Exploring the Data Explorer in MongoDB Atlas — MongoDB Atlas has enabled the Data Explorer feature across all tiers including the free (M0) tier and tiers M2 and M5.

Ken W. Alger (MongoDB)

MongoDB Takes On The World — Martin Heller reviews the latest version of MongoDB, 4.0.


Recording Sensor Data with MongoDB Stitch and Electric Imp — Electric Imp devices provide a great way to get into the world of IoT.

Andrew Morgan (MongoDB)

Handling Files using MongoDB Stitch and AWS S3 — Rather than dumping large files into MongoDB (which you can do, depending on the situation) you can store them on S3 and keep a reference in MongoDB instead.

Aydrian Howard

Controlling Humidity with a MongoDB Stitch HTTP Service and IFTTT — IFTTT is a popular service for connecting together other online services, and here we get to see how to invoke an IFTTT webhook that controls a dehumidifier from a MongoDB Stitch function.

Andrew Morgan

Mongoid: Ruby ODM Framework for MongoDB — Release 7.0.2 has just come out.


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🗓 Events

MongoDB.local Austin – September 26 (Austin, TX) — An educational conference covering app design techniques and performance management advice.

MongoDB.local DC – October 4 (Washington, DC) — Experience a full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts, and learn what’s new in MongoDB 4.0.

Why the Data Layer Matters for Microservices – October 4 (London, UK) — How telecommunications giant Vodafone uncovered the importance of making the right choice in the data layer to support their Microservices strategy

Microservices with MongoDB Stitch – October 24 (Webinar) — Learn about MongoDB’s serverless Stitch platform in this seminar that walks through its main capabilities.