#31 — September 6, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Integrating MongoDB and Amazon Kinesis for Intelligent, Durable Streams — A tutorial looking at the MongoDB Stitch setup needed to both durably store data on MongoDB Atlas while simultaneously pushing it to Amazon Kinesis to perform stream-oriented analytics.

Michael Lynn

Pseudonymization with MongoDB Views — Keeping data anonymous is a key concern when working with the EU’s ‘GDPR’ data protection regulations and psuedonymization is the process of replacing personally identifiable information fields with artificial identifiers.

Maxime Beugnet

A Guide to Building a REST API with Node.js and MongoDB — Uses Passport and JWTs for authentication.

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang

Triggering an Email From Database Updates with MongoDB Stitch

Eliot Horowitz

How to Use the Official MongoDB Go(lang) Driver — Including using Go 1.11’s module features and performing CRUD-style operations.

Wembley G. Leach, Jr.

Getting Started with MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes

Shyam Arjarapu

How to Visualize and Understand Your MongoDB Data

Veronika Rovnik

▶  How Radar Scales Up with MongoDB AtlasRadar is a location tracking platform for mobile apps that uses MongoDB and AWS behind the scenes.


Mongoose 5.2.13 Released — Mongoose is a popular MongoDB object modelling library for Node.js.


🗓 Events

MongoDB.local Chicago – September 12 (Chicago, IL) — A full-day conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management. You’ll hear from the team that builds the database and power users running MongoDB deployments.

MongoDB.local Austin – September 26 (Austin, TX) — An educational conference covering app design techniques and performance management advice.

MongoDB.local DC – October 4 (Washington, DC) — Experience a full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts, and learn what’s new in MongoDB 4.0.