#30 — August 29, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Building a Serverless App with MongoDB StitchMongoDB Stitch is a MongoDB-based serverless platform that can make it quicker to build apps in the cloud. This tutorial is a practical demonstration of using it to build a stock price monitoring app.

Valeri Karpov

Bosch Adds MongoDB Support to its IoT Platform — Version 7 of the Bosch IoT Suite, Bosch’s software platform for the Internet of Things, now supports MongoDB for storing device data.


▶  Simplified Encryption and Key Management for MongoDB — Encryption and key management can sometimes seem intimidating, but in a world rich with data and people who want to get access to it, it’s essential to get these concepts mastered.

Patrick Townsend

Optimising Graph Lookups in MongoDB — If you’re a MongoDB user but have a need for graph-like models, it’s handy to know you can do simple graph traversal natively using the $graphLookup aggregation framework function.

Guy Harrison

▶  Building Chat Bots to Monitor and Manage MongoDB DeploymentsFree the DBA! by harnessing the power of chat bots to assist with the triage and management of MongoDB related issues.

Mike LaSpina (MongoDB, Inc.)

▶  When a Startup Hits Growth Mode: Scaling from 200GB to 20TB — A walkthrough of how a startup which experienced sudden growth managed to cope with it using MongoDB’s Atlas service.

Michael Oltman and Anant Srivastava

Mongolite: A Fast and Simple MongoDB Client for R — R is a popular mathematical and statistical programming environment and you can now easily work with MongoDB-hosted data from it.

Jeroen Ooms

🗓 Events

MongoDB.local Chicago – September 12 (Chicago, IL) — A full-day conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management. You’ll hear from the team that builds the database and power users running MongoDB deployments.


MongoDB.local Austin – September 26 (Austin, TX) — An educational conference covering app design techniques and performance management advice.


MongoDB.local DC – October 4 (Washington, DC) — Experience a full day of deep-dive technical sessions, one-on-one consulting with MongoDB experts, and learn what’s new in MongoDB 4.0.