#24 — July 12, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams — Change streams, available since MongoDB 3.6, allow you to listen for changes in collections in a straightforward, real-time manner.

Esteban Herrera (Pusher)

MongoDB 4.0's Free Cloud Monitoring Support — Did you realize MongoDB 4.0 includes a free cloud-based monitoring service? It’s the easiest way to monitor and visualize the status of your MongoDB deployments.

Leo Zheng (MongoDB)

A Performance Cheat Sheet for MongoDB — A look at how to analyze the workload of your MongoDB production systems, plus a list of important configuration parameters that can help you improve performance.

Bart Oles

MongoDB Atlas Introduces 'Global Clusters'Global Clusters allows users of the hosted MongoDB service to define sophisticated global data replication and sharding policies.


MongoDB World 2018 A Review and Retrospective — A writeup and review of the recent MongoDB World 2018 event, hosted in New York last month.

Ken W. ALger

Why a Top German Retailer Uses MongoDB Atlas — A top German retailer has migrated to MongoDB Atlas to make it easier to build its microservice-based apps faster.

Marissa Chieco (MongoDB, Inc.)

MongoDB Encryption Key Rotation — Key rotation is required under the PCI data security standard and is a good security practice according to NIST, and luckily it’s possible to do this on MongoDB without creating a new database.

Patrick Townsend

MongoDB and Node.js: How to Begin (and Why)

Nilesh Singh

🗓 Events

What's New in MongoDB 4.0 – July 17 (Webinar) — An introduction to what’s new in 4.0, including multi-document ACID transactions, Atlas multi-region scaling and more.


Building Applications with Blockchain – July 18 (Webinar) — A webinar that will explore how MongoDB Stitch, change streams, graph lookups and other features enable the quick building of blockchain apps.

Jane Fine

Mexico City MongoDB Meetup – July 19 (Mexico City)