#23 — July 5, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

A Q&A With MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz

A Q&A With MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz — MongoDB co-founder and CTO, Eliot Horowitz, sat down with Datanami’s Alex Woodie to talk about how the company got to where it is and where it’s going next.

Alex Woodie

Through the Looking Glass: Analyzing the Interplay Between Memory, Disk, and Read Performance — A thorough look at how database and app performance can be affected by caches and disk performance and what MongoDB internals are involved.

Kevin Arhelger

MongoDB Stitch Goes GA: The Serverless Platform From MongoDB — MongoDB Stitch accelerates application development with simple, secure access to data and services from the client – getting your apps to market faster while reducing operational costs and effort.


A Node.js Perspective on MongoDB 4.0: Transactions — MongoDB 4.0 was released last week with the headline feature being multi-document ACID transaction support - here’s a look at how that works from a Node.js perspective.

The Code Barbarian

run-rs: A Zero Config MongoDB Replica Set Runner — Running run-rs is all you need to start a replica set, run-rs will even install the correct version of MongoDB for you.

The Code Barbarian

A Crash Course on Serverless APIs with Express and MongoDB

Adnan Rahić

How MongoDB is the Best Database for Modern Applications

Eliot Horowitz

The MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes and OpenShift — There’s a new Kubernetes operator in beta to support teams building cloud-native apps with Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Robert Walters (MongoDB)

Why Australia’s Ticketing Giant Ticketek Went 'All In' with MongoDB“Mongo has effectively become our core system of record. It’s the order’s database. It’s kind of a perfect use case if you think about it, an order is a document.”

Derek du Preez (Diginomica)

🗓 Events

What's New in MongoDB 4.0 – July 17 (Webinar) — An introduction to what’s new in 4.0, including multi-document ACID transactions, Atlas multi-region scaling and more.


MongoDB Europe'18 – November 8 (London, UK) — Just announced — a day of technical sessions, tutorials and talks.