#25 — July 18, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Using Power BI to Gain Insight Into Your MongoDB Data — If you or the analytical geniuses in your company use Microsoft’s Power BI tool for producing reports, it’s now easier than ever to expose MongoDB data directly to it.

Seth Payne (MongoDB, Inc.)

Now Available: A MongoDB ODBC Driver — As well as enabling the Power BI support mentioned above, this new ODBC driver for MongoDB makes it possible to hook into MongoDB from more applications such as Microsoft Excel - here’s a walkthrough of doing just that.

Seth Payne (MongoDB, Inc.)

MongoDB University Passes 1 Million RegistrationsMongoDB University (a suite of more than 20 online MongoDB courses) has become particularly popular with developers exploring MongoDB as an alternative to more established systems like Oracle and SQL Server.

Business Insider

A Custom WordPress Dashboard with MongoDB Atlas, Azure, and Serverless Functions — A developer explains how he’s using WordPress API, React, Node and MongoDB Atlas to create a custom WordPress dashboard for an enterprise client with specific requirements.

Ahmad Awais

Mastering MongoDB: Faster Elections During Rolling Maintenance — Proactive measures to reduce the election time during rolling maintenance.

Shyam Arjarapu

Hands on with MongoDB 4.0 Transactions and Spring Data — Java developer? Check out how Spring Data is going to be supporting both synchronous and reactive transactions.

Christoph Strobl

A MongoDB Secret Weapon: The Aggregation Pipeline — MongoDB is best known as a popular document database but its aggregation pipeline feature provides a powerful way to analyze data.

Alex Woodie

Installing and Securing MongoDB on Ubuntu 16.04 — Explains in three steps how to install and secure MongoDB on Ubuntu 16.04.


How to Migrate a MongoDB 3.6 Sharded Cluster to Different Hardware

MongoDB, Inc.

mongomonitor: Constantly Monitor Your MongoDB Replica Set to Keep It Healthy — A Node.js package that constantly monitors your MongoDB replica set to keep it healthy.

Elad Nava

🗓 Events

AWS Summit Chicago – August 2 (Chicago, IL) — Join MongoDB Inc. to learn more about MongoDB Atlas as well as get some limited edition swag.

MongoDB, Inc.

New Jersey MongoDB Meetup at Prudential – August 15 (Roseland, NJ) — Spend an afternoon networking and discuss how MongoDB is being used across industries.

New Jersey MongoDB User Group