#19 — June 7, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Introducing the Aggregation Pipeline Builder in MongoDB CompassCompass is a tool for visually exploring data in MongoDB. It now includes an aggregation pipeline builder (in beta) to help you create aggregations for MongoDB, passing documents through a multi-stage pipeline of filtering, transformations, sorting, etc.

Grigori Melnik

Modelling Formulas with Recursive Discriminators — A developer explains how he solved an interesting problem relating to modelling a nested set of logical conditions within a query when querying MongoDB from Mongoose.

Pete Corey

Build a Simple Beginner App with Node, Bootstrap and MongoDB — James Hibbard shows how to build a no-frills web app using Node and MongoDB, focusing on issues you’re likely to encounter when building a real-world app.


Priority in MongoDB Replica Sets — Igor Donchovski takes a look at an interesting outcome that he encountered while working with priority in MongoDB replica sets.


mongo-query-to-postgres-jsonb: Converts MongoDB Queries to Postgres Queries for JSONB Fields

Thomas Hansen

📘 Tutorials

Optimizing Your Linux Environment for MongoDB — Details the steps you can take to setup your environment to optimally run a MongoDB installation.

Onyancha Brian Henry

Query Like a Pro with the MongoDB Shell Toolbox — A simple, entry level guide to getting familiar with the MongoDB CLI for making queries.

Shahar Avigezer

🗓 Events

Building the MongoDB Infrastructure for the Amadeus Instant Search Application – June 14 (Webinar)


AWS Summit Paris – June 19 (Le Palais des Congrès) — Members of the MongoDB team will be in attendance, sharing details on MongoDB Atlas.

Amazon Web Services

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC)