#13 — April 26, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

▶  Building Powerful Backends with MongoDB Stitch — MongoDB’s CTO, Eliot Horowitz, gave a 40 minute talk on using MongoDB’s Stitch backend-as-a-service.

Eliot Horowitz

JSON Schema Validation & Expressive Query Syntax in MongoDB 3.6 — Building upon MongoDB 3.2’s Document Validation functionality, MongoDB 3.6 introduces a more powerful way of enforcing schemas in the database, with its support of JSON Schema Validation, a specification which is part of IETF’s emerging JSON Schema standard.

Raphael Londner

ast_mongo: MongoDB Plugins for the Asterisk Phone SystemAsterisk is a popular, open source framework for building phone systems and the like, and this project can bring MongoDB-powered realtime configuration to it.


The MongoDB 4.0 Beta Has Begun, Get Your Transactions Here — MongoDB 4.0 will add support for multi-document transactions. The final release is due in the summer, but we have word that the beta has now actively begun if you want to sign up.


How MongoDB Atlas and AWS Help 'Stream' Scale and Personalize Feeds for Millions of Users — Stream is a platform designed for building, personalizing, and scaling activity feeds that reach over 200 million users.

Ken Hoff (Stream)

📘 Tutorials

An Overview of Database Indexing for MongoDB

Akash Kathiriya

Streaming Data from MongoDB into Kafka with Kafka Connect and Debezium

Robin Moffatt

Getting Started with MongoDB and PHP on Windows

Internity Foundation

🗓 Events

Realities of Digital Transformation – May 8 (Minneapolis) — An evening of technical discussions, a use case deep-dive presented by Merrill Corporation, Q&A led by MongoDB and Pivotal technical experts.

MongoDB, Pivotal & Merrill Corporation

AWS Summit London – May 9-10 (ExCel London)

AWS Summit Mumbai – May 10, Bombay Exhibition Center

MongoDB World: Just Another Conference or Something Different?

Peter Zawistowicz