#12 — April 19, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

MongoDB 3.6: Here to 'SRV' You with Easier Replica Set Connections — The connection URLs used on MongoDB’s Atlas platform now start ‘mongodb+srv’ rather than just ‘mongodb’, but why? MongoDB 3.6 makes it possible to connect to a replica set more easily via DNS SRV (service) records and here’s how it works.


Running MongoDB Enterprise on OpenShift — MongoDB has announced the developer perview of MongoDB Enterprise Server for OpenShift, the Docker-based container application platform from Red Hat.

Jason Mimick

Schema Design Considerations in MongoDB — MongoDB might work in a schemaless fashion, but your documents will ultimately adopt some sort of design. For example, when should you embed documents inside another document? And what are some of the considerations for doing so?

Ken W. Alger

Push Notifications Made Easy with MongoDB & GlingJS — A small component that lets you pump data events into the browser from MongoDB. Demo.

+N Consulting

How to Run High Availability MongoDB on Kubernetes — A look at the deployment and managment of a HA MongoDB cluster on Kubernetes, including snapshots, backups, and failover.


Sleep Better At Night: How to Respawn a MongoDB Server Automatically — A way to automatically spin up a replacement server when one of the servers in your replica set faces an unexpected failure.

Shyam Arjarapu

mongo-swift-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for Swift

MongoDB, Inc.

▶  How to Launch a MongoDB Atlas Cluster on Google Cloud Platform

Jay Gordon

MongoDB's Change Streams Email Course — A four-day course designed to get you up to speed on Change Streams, a new feature in 3.6.


🗓 Events

A Night at Short Fuse Brewing with MongoDB – April 25 (Illinois) — An evening of technical discussions, expert Q&A and craft beer.


Realities of Digital Transformation – May 8 (Minneapolis) — An evening of technical discussions, a use case deep-dive presented by Merrill Corporation, Q&A led by MongoDB and Pivotal technical experts.

MongoDB, Pivotal & Merrill Corporation

AWS Summit London – May 9-10 (ExCel London)

AWS Summit Mumbai – May 10 (Bombay Exhibition Center)