#14 — May 3, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

mtools: Useful Scripts to Work with MongoDB Log Files — Written in Python, mtools brings together tools for working with MongoDB log files, including slicing them up, extracting useful info, and visualizations.

Thomas Rueckstiess

Using SQL to Query MongoDB and Other Databases with PrestoPresto is a distributed SQL query engine by Facebook that can connect to other data sources, as demonstrated here.

Mark Litwintschik

Getting Started with Google Cloud Functions and MongoDB — Walk through the process of setting up a serverless Google Cloud Function written with Node.js that connects to a MongoDB instance.

Valeri Karpov

Building a Serverless REST API using MongoDB and Node.js — Brings together the Serverless framework (a framework for more easily creating cross-platform serverless apps) and Node’s Mongoose MongoDB library.

Nicolas Lima

How to Set Up a MongoDB Replica Set Cluster on Oracle Linux — A thorough blog post covering how to install and configure a MongoDB Cluster replicate set with 4 data nodes and 1 arbiter node.


MongoDB Enterprise Server for Pivotal Cloud Foundry goes GA

Jason Mimick

Future Facilities Triples the Speed of Development with MongoDB — A case study from a company that’s using MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

Marissa Chieco

MongoMock: A Library for Mocking Pymongo Collection Objects for Testing Purposes

Rotem Yaari

mongo-cxx-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for C++

MongoDB, Inc.

🗓 Events

Realities of Digital Transformation – May 8 (Minneapolis) — An evening of technical discussions, a use case deep-dive presented by Merrill Corporation, Q&A led by MongoDB and Pivotal technical experts.

MongoDB, Pivotal & Merrill Corporation

AWS Summit London – May 9-10 (ExCel London)

AWS Summit Mumbai – May 10, Bombay Exhibition Center

MongoDB World: Just Another Conference or Something Different?

Peter Zawistowicz