#8 — March 21, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

MongoDB’s Startup Accelerator Goes Global in 2018 — A partnership between MongoDB and Amazon Web Services to provide free access to MongoDB’s Atlas hosted service and other support to help businesses grow. If your company matches various criteria (fewer than 15 employees, less than 2 years old, etc.) it’s worth applying.

Francesca Krihely

How to Speed-Up MongoDB Regex Queries by a Factor of up-to 10 — Text indexes will help speed up your imprecise regex-based queries, and are particularly useful in text search type applications.

Daniel Khan

Expressive Query Language in MongoDB 3.6 — Learn about fully expressive array updates, updating all elements in an array with $[], comparing fields in the find query with $expr, and more.

Atish Andhere

Build a Node App with Atlas & AWS Elastic Container Service

MongoDB, Inc.

Building a Highly Available MongoDB Webapp on DigitalOcean — A high-level look at a potential setup for a highly available app that depends on MongoDB and the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) with a focus on DigitalOcean but the principles could work with most providers.

Kathleen Howard and Sebastian Canevari

Deploy a Voting App to AWS ECS with Fargate — This uses MongoDB Atlas for storage.

Tony Pujals

Code & Tools

A Pinterest API Clone on Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB — Written in TypeScript and running on Node.js, this is a basic example of offering up a Pinterest-style API over GraphQL with MongoDB on the back-end.


mongodb-azure-functions: Azure Functions samples using MongoDB Atlas

Raphael Londner


How MongoDB Can Help Facilitate GDPR Compliance – March 28 (Webinar) — Sigfrido Narvaez will run through how MongoDB can provide the core technology foundations to help your organizations accelerate to compliance.

MongoDB User Group Meetup – April 5 (Chicago)

An Evening with MongoDB Stitch and CTO Eliot Horowitz – April 19 (New York) — Learn how to build powerful backends without application servers using MongoDB Stitch, straight from MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz.

New York MongoDB User Group

MongoDB.local – Bengaluru (April 24) — Gain insight into building apps with MongoDB Stitch, what’s new in 3.6 and more.

Jewelbots Hackday – April 28 (Palo Alto) — MongoDB and Sentry.io are joining forces for a “Jewelbots Hackday” for girls ages 7 - 13. Oh, and FYI: Jewelbots are friendship bracelets you can code.