#7 — March 14, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018: MongoDB is 'Most Wanted' Database — MongoDB came out on top as the database that developers who are not already using it most want to work with (for the second year running) which promises more growth for our community.

MongoDB’s own Michael Lynn commented on the results, reacting to some of the findings most relevant for the MongoDB ecosystem.

Stack Overflow

See How MongoDB Has Evolved — Compare the last version of MongoDB you used with what’s available today. (A trip down memory lane for those of you bang up to date.)

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB's Quick Reference Cards — A handy go-to resource — these reference cards let you quickly find MongoDB commands, query filters, and aggregation stages in one place. Note: Email registration is required.

MongoDB, Inc.

Tips & Tutorials

Quick Tip: Logged Into Shell and Want to See Your Logs? Here's How

MongoDB on Twitter

Building a New Parse Server and MongoDB Atlas-Based App


Running MongoDB 3.2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 — MongoDB 3.2+ requires a 64 bit OS which has ruled out the tiny Raspberry Pi so far, but it’s beginning to become possible.. one for true hackers only and this comes from the same guy who got MongoDB running on an ARM-powered cluster of ODROID C2s.

Andy Felong

Optimizing for Fast, Responsive Reads with Cross-Region Replication in MongoDB Atlas — A walk through the configuration steps to optimize for local reads using cross-region replication when using an AWS-hosted app.

Jay Gordon

Tools & Code

db.vim: A Modern Database Interface for Vim — A Vim plugin for interacting with MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and SQLite. You can also build your own adapters.

Tim Pope

Yet Another Document Mapper: A MongoDB ODM for Python — A small and simple object document mapper for use with MongoDB 3.x.

Alexander Zelenyak

Dibs: An App for Offering Things Up and Letting People Call 'Dibs' On It — A practical example of using MongoDB 3.6’s Change Streams from Node.js.

Harry Wolff

Events & Webinars

MongoDB 3.6 Developer Workshop – March 20 (New York) — Get hands-on training and practice with new 3.6 developer features.

How MongoDB Can Help Facilitate GDPR Compliance – March 28 (Webinar) — Sigfrido Narvaez will run through how MongoDB can provide the core technology foundations to help your organizations accelerate to compliance.

MongoDB.local – Bengaluru (April 24) — Gain insight into building apps with MongoDB Stitch, what’s new in 3.6 and more.

Jewelbots Hackday – April 28 (Palo Alto) — MongoDB and Sentry.io are joining forces for a “Jewelbots Hackday” for girls ages 7 - 13. Oh, and FYI: Jewelbots are friendship bracelets you can code.