#75 — May 19, 2020

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✍️ So a month ago we said we were putting mongoDB Memo on hiatus, but we don't want it to totally die off, so the plan is to send infrequent (monthly at most) updates of the biggest MongoDB news we see in the community.

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MongoDB Makes Its Compass GUI FreeCompass provides a powerful interface to work with MongoDB databases. It’s source was made publicly available last year as well.

MongoDB, Inc.

Shrinking BSON Documents — One issue with systems with dynamic schemas is that the names for things can take up more space than the actual values, as was seen in a tweet about DynamoDB. Does shrinking attribute names also help with MongoDB? Yes, but readability takes a bit of a hit!

Richard Startin

Introducing MongoDB for VS Code — MongoDB has rolled out an official extension that makes it easy to work with MongoDB directly from Visual Studio Code. You can navigate data, play in a MongoDB playground, and get quick access to the MongoDB shell.

MongoDB, Inc.

The MongoDB Charts Embedding SDK Is Ready — MongoDB Inc. has unveiled the Charts SDK for embedding your data visualizations into other sites.

Tom Hollander