#74 — April 16, 2020

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MongoDB Memo

🍃 Today marks the last issue of 'MongoDB Memo' for a while. Over the past two years, published in conjunction with MongoDB Inc., we've been bringing you the latest news, tutorials, resources and events from across the MongoDB ecosystem — we hope it's proven valuable.

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Manage MongoDB Atlas Database Secrets in HashiCorp Vault — Automate secrets management for Atlas database users and programmatic API keys with two new secrets engines, available in HashiCorp Vault 1.4.

Melissa Plunkett (MongoDB)

How MongoDB Enables Machine Learning — MongoDB enables machine learning capabilities such as: flexible data models, rich programming, data and query models, and a dynamic approach to schema that makes training and using ML algorithms much easier than with any traditional, relational databases.

Mani Yangkatisal

Webinar: MongoDB Schema Design Gotchas (April 23) — This upcoming ‘Ask the Experts’ webinar will share guidelines on how to structure your data, best practices on schema design, and more. This presentation will be followed by half an hour of live Q&A.

MongoDB event

▶  What's Important to Developers, Trends with Cloud Tech — A chat with Ken Alger, developer advocate at MongoDB, discussing how the role of the software developer has changed, what’s important to them, and emerging trends in cloud computing.

Beyond 3D Podcast podcast

AWS Glue Now Supports Reading & Writing to Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB Compatibility) — ...and MongoDB collections using Glue Spark ETL jobs.

Amazon Web Services

Webinar: Scale Your Startup with MongoDB (April 21) — An educational webinar to get you up to speed on MongoDB - aimed at beginners.

MongoDB event

MongoDB Named 2019 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Marketplace


Setting up AWS Lambda Functions with Redis Cache and MongoDB

Luke Mwila

▶  An Introduction to MongoDB in Python

Donny Winston

✨ Highlights

Before we wrap up this issue, I figured it may be worth looking back at some of the most popular links we've shared over the last couple of years:

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Change Streams — This look at how to use change streams (introduced back in MongoDB 3.6) to receive realtime notifications of database changes saw plenty of clicks.

Esteban Herrera

awesome-mongodb: A Curated List of Awesome MongoDB Resources, Libraries, Tools and Applications — We first shared this back in January of 2019, and it has always proved a popular resource ever since. It is still seeing occasional updates so is worth staring for future reference.

Guillaume Gelin

A Browser-Based Open-Source MongoDB Playground — We linked to this sandbox in an April 2018 issue, and it's still being updated/supported. It's inspired by similar ‘playgrounds’ for Go or JavaScript, and lets you play with a MongoDB database from your browser.

Adrien Petel

MongoDB Schema Design Patterns: The Polymorphic Pattern — This post looks at the polymorphic pattern (which is well suited when all documents in a collection are of a similar but not identical structure).


Paging with the Bucket Pattern — This, from August of last year, looks at how the Bucket Pattern can speed up paging for users.

Justin LaBreck (MongoDB)

How to Optimize Performance of MongoDB — Tips and tricks to optimize performance, particularly around schema design, indexing, replication lag and query design.


12 Tips for Going into Production with MongoDB — A golden oldie.

Eric Holzhauer

The MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline in 5 Minutes


👋 Finally, I'd just like to extend a thanks to Ken, Dj, Joe, Eric, and Peter Z for their assistance in making this newsletter a reality, and to once again thank all of you for reading so far.