#5 — February 28, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

The Path to Transactions: A Deep Dive

▶  The Path to Transactions - WiredTiger Timestamps — If you want to get really deep into the mechanics behind MongoDB’s forthcoming ACID transaction support, enjoy this explanation from a MongoDB director of engineering whose PhD was all about database transactions.

Aly Cabral and Dr. Michael Cahill


MongoDB 3.6.3 Released — A minor release containing fixes for things like localhost binding and mongod crashing on a certain type of query. Full changelog here.

Thomas Schubert


The MongoDB Multi-Document ACID Transactions White Paper — We covered the big MongoDB 4.0 news last week, but if you want everything about the new ACID transaction functionality in one place, grab this white paper from MongoDB.

MongoDB, Inc.

How MongoDB's Query Planner Works — How does plan selection in MongoDB compare to relational databases?

Miguel Angel Nieto

Getting MongoDB to Work with Laravel Locally — Not as easy as you might think at first.

Dave Martin

DevOps Automation with MongoDB Atlas

Jay Gordon

How Voya.ai uses MongoDB Atlas to Bring a Seamless Customer Experience to the Business Travel Market

Peter Zawistowicz

▶  MongoDB Quickstart with Python and PyCharm — A look at how Python and MongoDB can work together (using PyCharm as your IDE).

Michael Kennedy


NYC MongoDB User Group – March 6 (New York City) — A popular user group is featuring two talks on MongoDB 3.6's change streams feature.

Replication in MongoDB – March 14 (Online Webinar) — Interested in learning more about replication? This upcoming session will give an overview of basic replication concepts and how they apply to MongoDB specifically.

Matt Javaly

Percona Live – April 23-25 (Santa Clara, CA) — An event dedicated to open source database systems generally.

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC) — A huge opportunity to learn more about MongoDB and network with fellow developers. Tickets are now available.