#42 — November 29, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

▶  Next Generation MongoDB: A Look at Sessions, Streams, and Transactions — A joint session of MongoDB and Pivotal engineers showing off newer MongoDB features like sessions, change streams, retryable writes, reactive access and, yes, MongoDB 4.0’s transactions. A talk that’s particularly well suited for Java developers.

Christoph Strobl and Jeff Yemin

Reducing the Need for ETL with MongoDB Charts — The ETL (extract, transform, load) process can be a challenge to correctly setup and maintain but MongoDB’s new Charts product reduces the need for ETL to analyze data.

Ken W. Alger

RESTHeart 3.5: A Web API Server for MongoDB — Essentially a REST API server, built in Java, you can place in front of a MongoDB database.


▶  Converting from PostgreSQL to MongoDB with Mongoose — A 10 minute screencast (well, sort of) on migrating an SQL database with many-to-many relationships to MongoDB with Node.js’s Mongoose library while maintaining those relationships.

Seth Lugibihl

Use Aggregation Expressions in Queries with $expr — With MongoDB 3.6, MongoDB’s query language gained the ability to use aggregation expressions using the $expr operator. In this quick post, learn how to use conditions, comparisons, and math to query your data using this operator.

Naomi Pentrel

A MongoDB Driver for Elixir — Supports MongoDB 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 and 4.0 on Elixir, the highly concurrent programming language with Ruby-esque syntax that runs on the Erlang virtual machine.

Justin Wood

Machinery: A Golang Async Job Queue Based on Distributed Message Passing — One for Go developers. It can use MongoDB as a data store (as well as RabbitMQ, Redis, or Memcached).

Richard Knop

Arctic: A Mongo-Powered Time Series and Tick Data Store — It’s built on top of MongoDB and aimed at Python developers with support for Pandas, numpy arrays and pickled objects.


🗓 Events

Minneapolis MongoDB User Group – December 4 (Minneapolis, MN)

Introducing MongoDB Charts – December 6 (Webinar)