#41 — November 15, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Just a note that we'll be taking a break next week due to Thanksgiving. Normal service will resume on November 29th.
— Chris Brandrick, Cooperpress

MongoDB Mobile: Bring The Power of MongoDB to Devices — MongoDB Mobile brings the power of MongoDB and the document model to mobile devices. There’s also MongoDB Stitch Mobile Sync to help synchronize data between the backend and mobile devices that may have been offline or out of reach.


Azure Users Get Access to a Free Tier of MongoDB Atlas — Microsoft Azure users can now use a free tier (which offers 512MB of storage) of MongoDB’s Atlas managed MongoDB hosting service in the Virginia, Hong Kong and Netherlands regions. Ideal for prototyping or early development.

Leo Zheng (MongoDB)

How to Set Up a GraphQL Server using Express.js and MongoDB — Leans upon MLab, the MongoDB service that MongoDB, Inc. recently acquired and that will eventually be folded into Atlas.

Leonardo Maldonado

Visualizing Your Data with MongoDB Charts — This post explores the visualization of public AirBnB data using MongoDB Charts, a new, fast way to visualize data stored in MongoDB.

Ken W. Alger (MongoDB)

ML.NET Sentiment Analysis with MongoDB — ML.NET is an open source machine learning framework built for .NET developers and this post digs into how to build a simple ML.NET classification sentiment analysis system using data stored in MongoDB.

Wan Bachtiar

How to Create a Database Cluster in the Cloud with MongoDB Atlas

Ashraff Hathibelagal

Building an Identity Management Application using Blockchain, Stitch and Atlas — This part looks at the overall app, then part 2 goes into the implementation details.

Pavel Duchovny (MongoDB)

mongoose-pii: Transparently Cipher Stored Personal Information — A Mongoose plugin (a commonly used ODM for Node.js) that lets you transparently cipher stored PII (personally identifiable information) and use securely-hashed passwords.

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🗓 Events

MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB Stitch – Introduction and Latest Developments – November 20 (Webinar)

Minneapolis MongoDB User Group – December 4 (Minneapolis, MN)

Introducing MongoDB Charts – December 6 (Webinar)