#40 — November 8, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Causal Guarantees Are Anything But Casual — Traditional single node databases provide sequential ordering guarantees for read and write operations known as ‘causal consistency’ but for distributed systems to do so, a lot more coordination must take place. This post digs into how it all works with MongoDB.

Aly Cabral

MongoDB Europe '18 Keynote — Eliot Horowitz, CTO & Co-Founder of MongoDB, announced exciting updates to MongoDB Mobile, Stitch, and Atlas earlier today. Watch here (things start about five minutes in).


The MongoDB Hackathon Guide — MongoDB and some of its related tools and services can provide a great base for apps built during a hackathon where speed is of the essence. Here are some ideas from the MongoDB team themselves.

Michael Lynn

How to Automate Database Migrations in MongoDB from Node.js

Shailesh Shekhawat

Asynchronous Processing with Golang using Kafka and MongoDB — A simple example of a (somewhat) complex architecture.

Melvin Vivas

mongodb-runner: Start All MongoDB Deployment Types for Testing — Ideal to use from Travis CI or JavaScript-based tests.


Fake Java MongoDB Server: A Stub Implementation of MongoDB That Speaks The Wire Protocol — Could be handy for various testing scenarios or rigging up other systems into another system that supports MongoDB as a server.

Benedikt Waldvogel

Djongo: A MongoDB Database Connector for Django — Django is a popular Python-based Web app framework.


🗓 Events

Big Data London – November 13-14 (London, UK) — A free to attend conference. MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz will be speaking on day two.

Utah MongoDB Meetup – November 14 (Utah, USA)

MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB Stitch – Introduction and Latest Developments – November 20 (Webinar)

Introducing MongoDB Charts – December 6 (Webinar)