#39 — November 01, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

A Jepsen Report on MongoDB 3.6.4 — Jepsen performs analysis and research into distribute systems safety, and here are the results of their testing of MongoDB’s support for causal consistency and sharded clusters.


How to Integrate Azure Functions with MongoDB — MongoDB’s Rob Walters cover the integration of Microsoft Azure Functions (Azure’s serverless platform) with MongoDB Atlas from a developer standpoint.

Robert Walters

Mitigating 'Fat Finger' Deletes with Queryable BackupsQueryable Backups is a feature available via MongoDB Ops Manager (an enterprise-tier product) and on MongoDB Atlas that lets you connect to your backups and issue queries for missing data.

Robert Walters

Using AWS Rekognition to Analyse and Tag Uploaded Images Using Stitch — MongoDB’s Stitch serverless platform makes it easy to bring AWS services into play, such as for using Rekognition to perform object recognition over uploaded images.

Aydrian Howard

How to Set Up A Powerful API with Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Hapi, and Swagger (Part 1) — Part two is here.

Indrek Lasn

How to Install MongoDB on Debian 9 — A quick guide showing how to install and configure MongoDB 4.0 on a Debian 9 server.


MongoDB Users and Roles Explained — Learn about the basics of MongoDB authentication, authorization, and user and role management.

Juan Roy Couto

Looking at MongoDB Index Usage with explain()explain() is arguably the most useful MongoDB feature to investigate a query.

Corrado Pandiani

Keyhole: A MongoDB Performance Measurement and Analytics App — Can do things like write throughput tests, load testing, as well as monitoring. Written in Golang.

Kuei-chun Chen

mongo-swift-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for Swift

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🗓 Events

MongoDB Europe'18 – November 8 (London, UK) — A full day of deep-dive technical sessions and hands-on tutorials.

Big Data London – November 13-14 (London, UK) — A free to attend conference. MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz will be speaking on day two.

MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB Stitch – Introduction and Latest Developments – November 20 (Webinar)