#2 — February 6, 2018

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An Introduction to Change Streams — As a new feature in MongoDB 3.6, change streams enable apps to stream real-time data changes using MongoDB’s underlying replication capabilities.

Want a bit more? There's also good official documentation for change streams, as well as a great 30 minute talk by MongoDB's own Alyson Cabral.


A New 'R' Driver Option in MongoDB 3.6R is a fascinating, open language and platform for statistical computing and graphics. It makes for a handy platform to build powerful visualizations when coupled with MongoDB, and support for it is only getting better.

Ken W. Alger

Submit Your App to the MongoDB Innovation Awards — At this June’s MongoDB World’18, organizations and individuals doing great things with MongoDB will be recognized. Submissions close on February 23.



Optimising Graph Lookups in MongoDB — You don't necessarily need to use a database like Neo4j to represent graphs - MongoDB has simple graph traversal features too.

Guy Harrison

Why MongoDB Is Being Used in the Deep Learning and AI Revolution — MongoDB’s flexible nature lends itself to deep learning applications.

Mat Keep

DynamoDB vs MongoDB: 4 Differences to Understand Before You Choose

Elias Israel

Serverless Development with Node, MongoDB Atlas, and AWS Lambda — How to integrate an AWS Lambda Node function with a MongoDB database (hosted on the Atlas platform).

Raphael Londner

Integrating MongoDB Atlas with Heroku Private SpacesAtlas is MongoDB’s own ‘MongoDB as a service’ platform and this tutorial demonstrates using it alongside Heroku’s new Private Spaces feature.


How Atlas Can Automatically Generate Index Suggestions — A basic overview of the MongoDB Atlas Performance Advisor, a tool that reviews your queries for up to 2 weeks and provides recommended indexes where appropriate.


How to Build a GraphQL Server with Node.js and MongoDB

Ben Awad


MONGODB.local Seattle – February 15 (Seattle, WA) — A one-day educational conference being run by the creators of MongoDB themselves.

NYC MongoDB User Group – March 6 (New York City) — A popular user group is featuring two talks on MongoDB 3.6's change streams feature.

Percona Live – April 23-25 (Santa Clara, CA) — An event dedicated to open source database systems generally.

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC) — A huge opportunity to learn more about MongoDB and network with fellow developers. Want to speak? The CFP is open until February 15, 2018.