#66 — December 12, 2019

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Hey! đź‘‹ Thanks to all of you who've been reading the newsletter this year. As 2019 comes to a close we wanted to take the opportunity before the holidays to roundup some of best items of the past twelve months. You can find these, and our usual link roundup in the issue below.

We'll be back in early January. Catch you then!
— The MongoDB Memo team

Field Level Encryption is Now Generally Available — MongoDB 4.2 introduces the ability to selectively encrypt and decrypt document fields in the application before data is sent to the database. JavaScript, Python, Java, C# .NET, and Go drivers are available now supporting the feature, along with v4.2.2 of the Mongo shell.

Asya Kamsky and Kenneth White (MongoDB, Inc.)

Better Index Recommendations with MongoDB’s Performance Advisor — A unique tool that intelligently identifies the best indexes you can create to improve performance on available on Atlas or within MongoDB Cloud Manager and MongoDB Ops Manager.

Rezwan Khan (MongoDB)

MongoDB Atlas Enables Passwordless Authentication With X.509 — To ensure tighter security controls and adhere to existing security protocols passwordless authentication to MongoDB Atlas clusters (tier M10+) with X.509 certificates has been enabled.

Amy Berman & Marissa Jasso (MongoDB)

MongoDB Atlas Adds More Features for AWS Users — Including new integrations between MongoDB Atlas and Amazon's CloudFormation and EventBridge, plus support for field level encryption (above).

Mike Wheatley

Automating MongoDB with SaltStack — Provides a basic overview of how to automate deployment of MongoDB using the database automation tool SaltStack.

Onyancha Brian Henry

Installing MongoDB on macOS Catalina — The latest major macOS release has a read-only root folder, resulting in a less-than straightforward MongoDB install. Here’s some tips to avoid “some of the headaches” the author faced.

Bret Cameron

MongoDB Tutorials and Articles: The Complete Collection — Here’s a collection of MongoDB articles from the folks over at DZone. Plenty to dig into, including pieces on indexing and query optimization, visualizing data, implementing security best-practices, and more.


🌟 2019 Highlights

MongoDB Acquired Realm, The Company Behind The Realm Mobile Database and Synchronization Platform — There was a lot of interest in this deal back in April. The two companies have since shared a public roadmap for the integrated MongoDB Realm product - which combines Realm and Stitch, MongoDB’s serverless platform.

Eliot Horowitz (MongoDB)

MongoDB Quick Start Guides — This year saw a series of well received 'getting started' guides published over on the official MongoDB website, including ones for those working with Node.js, C#, Java and Go.


Awesome MongoDB: A Curated Set of MongoDB Resources — This curated list of handy resources has grown significantly over the past few years, and is often worth revisiting.

Guillaume Gelin

MongoDB was the 'Most Wanted' Database by Developers for the 4th Consecutive Year — Yep, MongoDB remained a firm favorite with developers this year, with it being hailed as the 'Most Wanted Database' by devs in Stack Overflow’s popular annual survey.

Mat Keep

MongoDB Charts Became Embeddable — This feature for the MongoDB Charts service proved very popular. It lets you embed any visualizations and/or dashboards of data (stored within MongoDB instances) in third party locations.

Jane Fine (MongoDB)

đź—“ Events

MongoDB.local – Paris, France (January 14) — A single day event to learn about MongoDB tech, tools, and best practices.

MongoDB.local – San Francisco, USA (January 22) — Learn how MongoDB can make building data-driven apps easy.