#64 — October 31, 2019

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MongoDB Memo

How To SELECT ... FOR UPDATE Inside MongoDB Transactions — Don’t worry, SQL hasn’t suddenly appeared in MongoDB, but SELECT ... FOR UPDATE is a common way in the relational world to lock rows for reading as if they were updated to prevent other operations from modifying or deleting them. You can recreate a similar experience in MongoDB now too, and here’s a guide on how to lock records for updating within a MongoDB transaction and understanding write conflicts.

Renato Riccio

mongodb-user: An Open Forum for Discussing Technical MongoDB Questions — Get together with other MongoDB users in this open forum for discussion of technical questions. It’s not new but continues to get a lot of activity each day.

Google Groups

South America Gets MongoDB Atlas Free Tier — The free tier of MongoDB’s Atlas managed database platform isn’t available in every region, but support is gradually rolling out, with those in South America now able to give Atlas a try for free at the 512MB tier.

Jenny Liang (MongoDB)

MongoDB Atlas Now Supports Payments via PayPal

Jenny Liang (MongoDB)

Nova: A Relational Query Layer over MongoDB's Node Driver — A newly open sourced (but mature – 4 years old!) project that enables Node developers to use MongoDB in a more relational way, if they so choose. It also treats GraphQL as a first class citizen, though you’re not required to use it.


Tuning MongoDB and Linux for Tens of Thousands Connections — Henrik, a Senior Performance Engineer at MongoDB, wanted to run some large scale benchmarks on MongoDB and discovered some interesting tuning settings as they set about the task.

Henrik Ingo (MongoDB)

▶  Streaming Data on the Shoulders of Giants — Recorded at a recent MongoDB.local event. This 45-minute talk explores data integration scenarios between Apache Kafka and MongoDB.

Hans-Peter Grahsl

An Overview of MongoDB and Load Balancing — If you still want to manually improve the performance of your database using load balancing, here are some ways to achieve that.

Akash Kathiriya

Quick Start: Node.js & MongoDB - How to Get Connected to Your Database — A new series covering the basics of how to get started using MongoDB with Node.

Lauren Schaefer (MongoDB)

A Starter Template for TypeScript, Node, and MongoDB from Microsoft — An example app that includes a detailed README with how to get things set up, running, and deployed.


🗓 Events

MongoDB Atlas on AWS – Denver, USA (November 13) — MongoDB and AWS are offering a free training day to help you and your team use MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB.local – Toronto, Canada (November 21) — Single day event to learn about MongoDB tech, tools, and best practices.

MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Platform – London, UK (November 27) — MongoDB and Google Cloud are offering a free day of hands-on training to help you and your team use MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB World – New York, USA (May 4-6, 2020) — 'Super Duper Early Bird' pricing (66% off) is now available.