#37 — October 18, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

MongoDB Issues New Server Side Public License for MongoDB Community Server — A new license (to be used on all versions of MongoDB’s Community Server edition after today) that specifies how MongoDB can be run as a service. The key change is that anyone running MongoDB as a service needs to open source their unique contributions to such.

MongoDB, Inc.

A Look at MongoDB 4.0's New Security Features — MongoDB 4.0’s been out for a few months now, but while ACID transactions got all the headlines, there were lots of other improvements too, such as to security.

Davi Ottenheimer and Matt Lord (MongoDB)

MongoDB Releases Its Kubernetes Operator for Red Hat OpenShift — An OpenShift user can now more easily deploy MongoDB replica sets or sharded clusters.

Andrey Belik, Dana Groce, and Jason Mimick

Data Enrichment with MongoDB Stitch — MongoDB’s Stitch backend-as-a-service is a natural fit for enriching data that’s already stored in a MongoDB collection with data collected from elsewhere.

Maxime Beugnet (MongoDB)

Working with MongoDB Stitch Through Existing Drivers - Python and PyMongo

Andrew Morgan

Using MongoDB as a Realtime Database with Node.js — The (very) basics of using change streams to update a UI as soon as there is some change to your underlying data.

Sharath Vignesh

A Quick Look at MongoDB Stitch — A high-level overview of some “incredibly cool features” of MongoDB’s serverless platform.

Raymond Camden

mongo-cxx-driver: The Official MongoDB Driver for C++ — This new release provides support for new features in MongoDB 4.0 (most notably transactions) as well as command monitoring and SDAM monitoring.

MongoDB, Inc.

🗓 Events

Time Series Data and MongoDB: Best Practices – October 25 (Webinar) — Attendees will have a better understanding of key best practices in managing time-series data with MongoDB.

MongoDB Europe'18 – November 8 (London, UK) — A full day of deep-dive technical sessions and hands-on tutorials.

Big Data London – November 13-14 (London, UK) — A free to attend conference. MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz will be speaking on day two.