#27 — August 9, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

MongoDB World 18 Keynote'

▶  This Year's MongoDB World Keynote — Shannon Bradshaw kicks things off in this packed keynote, introducing CEO Dev Ittycheria and CTO Eliot Horowitz who both share plenty of news and upcoming MongoDB features. You’ll want to grab a coffee and get comfy as this one is two hours long.


An Introduction to MongoDB Transactions in PythonMongoDB 4.0’s headline new feature was multi-document transaction support. This article demonstrates how transactions work from Python within an example app that emulates a flight ticket ordering scenario.

Joe Drumgoole (MongoDB)

An Introduction to MongoDB Zone Basics — A high-level overview of MongoDB sharding zones with tips and best practices for their implementation.

Muhammad Noman

Charting a Course to Atlas, Preparing for The Journey — MongoDB Atlas is the cloud-based MongoDB service engineered and run by the same team that builds MongoDB itself, and this new series will dig into how to migrate an existing database to it.


▶  Using Change Streams to Keep Up with Your Data — This session from MongoDB World 2018 introduces change streams (as introduced in MongoDB 3.6) and walks you through developing with them.

Kevin Albertson

Choosing the Best Index for Your MongoDB Query“I will walk you through the process of finding the right index for a common tuning scenario.”

Darshan Jayarama

Arctic: A High Performance Datastore for Time Series and Tick Data — It’s built on top of MongoDB and aimed at Python developers with support for Pandas, numpy arrays and pickled objects (Python’s form of object serialization) out-of-the-box.


Fiora: A Chat App Powered by Socket.io, Koa, MongoDB and React


🗓 Events

New Jersey MongoDB Meetup at Prudential – August 15 (Roseland, NJ) — Spend an afternoon networking and discuss how MongoDB is being used across industries.

New Jersey MongoDB User Group

MongoDB.local Chicago – September 12 (Chicago, IL) — A full-day educational conference covering the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management.


MongoDB.local Austin – September 26 (Austin, TX) — An educational conference covering app design techniques and performance management advice.