#21 — June 20, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Scaling Your Replica Set: Non-Blocking Secondary Reads in MongoDB 4.0 — MongoDB 4.0 adds the ability to read from secondaries while replication is simultaneously processing writes. This post quickly looks at the performance improvements this ability results in.

Asya Kamsky (MongoDB)

How to Optimize the Performance of MongoDB — Tips and tricks to optimize performance, particularly around schema design, indexing, replication lag and query design.

Onyancha Brian Henry

Databases in 2018 - The State of the Developer Ecosystem — While MongoDB comes in as the third most used database in this survey of 6000 developers, it jumps to #1 in the database developers are looking to adopt in the next year.


RESTHeart: A Web API for MongoDB — Connects to MongoDB and opens data to the Web via a simple RESTful API. Repo here.


ReactiveMongo: A Non-Blocking, Reactive MongoDB Driver for Scala


📘 Tutorials

Using MongoDB to Query BigchainDB Data

Troy McConaghy

Decoding the MongoDB Error Logs — A high-level introduction to the MongoDB error logs, where to find them and how to understand common issues.

Akash Kathiriya

Get Unconfused Over Mongo Arrays — Quick tips on three common use cases for array-related searches.

Martin (Chaim) Berlove

🗓 Events

MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC) — There is still time to register, but if you can't attend you can sign-up to watch a livestream of the event here.


AWS Summit New York – July 17 (Javits Center, New York) — Members of the MongoDB team will be in attendance, sharing details on MongoDB Atlas.


What's New in MongoDB 4.0 – July 17 (Webinar) — An introduction to what’s new in 4.0, including multi-document ACID transactions, Atlas multi-region scaling and more.