#10 — April 5, 2018

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MongoDB Weekly

Mongo Playground: Browser-Based MongoDB Playground — Inspired by similar ‘playgrounds’ for Golang or JavaScript, this online tool lets you play with a simple MongoDB database direct from your browser. It’s even open source if you want to run your own instance (internally, say).

Adrien Petel

mongoquine: A MongoDB Aggregation That Outputs Itself — Here’s a bit of fun. A quine is typically a program that can output a copy of its own source code. Here we have the closest equivalent for MongoDB.

Kevin Pulo

Catch up with MongoDB's First Ever 'TweetChat' — MongoDB employees and other MongoDB users held a Twitter-based chat about transactions and consistency yesterday on the #MDBChat hashtag.

Aly Cabral and Asya Kamsky

MongoDB Takes Steps Toward Governance in the Era of GDPR — Ovum Senior Analyst Paige Bartley addresses how MongoDB can help companies comply with new GDPR requirements. Email required for access.


Diversity Scholarships Available for MongoDB World — MongoDB’s Scholarship program seeks to support members of groups who are underrepresented in the technology industry. Applications are open until May 4th.


Giving You The Truth About MongoDB — Clarifying some misinformation on how MongoDB works.

Rodrigo Nascimento

Getting Started with IBM Cloud Functions and MongoDB

Valeri Karpov

Using MongoDB from Serverless Functions with OpenFaaSOpenFaaS is a framework for building serverless functions on top of Docker and Kubernetes and this tutorials covers building functions which use a connection pool (with MongoDB, in this case) to optimize latency.

Alex Ellis

▶  A Deep Dive into the Pymongo MongoDB Driver — From the EuroPython 2016 conference.

Joe Drumgoole

WildDuck: A Robust IMAP/POP3 Mail Server in Node.js — Uses MongoDB for storage, and Redis for counters and pub/sub.


🗓 Events

St Louis MongoDB Meetup – April 11 (Chesterfield, MO) — An evening of food and drinks, networking, and Q&A with MongoDB experts.


How to Improve Manufacturing Management Efficiency with Big Data and MongoDB – April 17 (Tokyo, Japan) — Learn how MongoDB can help maximize the operational efficiency of factories with big data.


MongoDB World'18 – June 26-27 (NYC)